Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 29 and Week 30

So, I'm behind.  Here are both weekly pregnancy posts in one:

Week 30

Size of baby: size of a squash, again

Total Weight Gained: 16.5 pounds

This week: I look tired in my picture.  Matt took it in the morning before I headed to work and I think I was still waking up. :-)

I had another doctor's appt this week. Everything still looking good. My blood pressure was great (120/64 just like last appt), despite the fact that I have now started having swelling in my feet and hands. I wasn't happy with my weight gain, but the doctor didn't seem to mind.  My stomach measured where it should.  I actually ended up having a quick ultrasound as Baby W didn't move very much on Wednesday (the day and night before the appt).  Since I have started feeling him move, I've not had a problem where it takes hours for me to get him to move. Normally if I poke or press on my stomach or drink OJ/soda, he gets going. So, I told my doctor that it took me over 2 hours to get him to move and he still only kicked a couple times then went silent for a long period of time.  It continued for about 24 hours so I mentioned it to my doctor at my appt.  She then tried pressing around on my stomach to get him to move and she couldn't get him either. His HR was good at 152. She told me that she thought we should do an ultrasound just to be sure that I had enough amniotic fluid and I wasn't having any issues. So, I had my 4th ultrasound! Got all good news. Fluid is good/normal and he is in a really akward position that is causing him to not be able to move.   Crazy little baby has himself with his head and feet stuck down and his butt just straight up (maybe a gymnast?). Dr. D was impressed at how well he was breathing and using his lungs and thought a little more mature than a typical 30 week. In order to compare fluid which seems to be her concern, I will have another (5th) ultrasound next time at my appt for Week 32. She also told me to take it easy and not overdo it and make sure to eat regularly.  I don't have any problems with the eating part and I'm making sure to rest and put my feet up.  Other than that excitement, not much to report.  My new pregnancy craving is blueberries of all things.  Luckily, they were on sale when Matt went to the store for me this weekend.  :-)
Week 29

Size of baby: size of a squash

This week: Well, this week was a blur which is why I didn't get a post in. Matt and I went to Grundy for a very fun weekend.  The ladies at the church threw me a wonderful baby shower (pics and more details to come soon).  We had family in town so got some good visiting.  And, we threw my dad a surprise 60th birthday dinner (pics to come soon).  We were very busy and so much enjoyed being home.  Unfortunately, my poor sister got the flu so while I got to see her, she was mostly in bed.  :-( 

Matt and I got home and I was so excited to go through all the goodies.  I put them all away the night that I got home.  The nursery looks awesome and I can't wait to share pics of it very soon as well.  However, in true Stephanie fashion, I didn't stop until I had it done and I really wore myself out.  So, I paid the price for several days following.  But, it was just way too exciting and Baby W has all kinds of goodies. 

Work was a little busy as my boss took the week off so I was covering for him.  I had to take the week off from blogging, but hopefully I can get caught up soon.  :-)

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