Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 28

Week 28
Size of baby: size of a eggplant, again

Total Weight Gained:  13 pounds

This week:  I had another doctor's appt this week.  Everything still looking good.  My blood pressure was 116/64 and I forgot to ask what Baby W's HR was so can't report.  We listened to it, but I didn't get the number.  This appt. was the one for my glucose test.  I should get the results on Monday.  I did fine drinking the liquid.  Some people get sick but I was ok.  I felt bad when I got out with a little headache and queasy stomach, so I ate some breakfast and felt fine after that. 

We have been busy this week celebrating birthdays (Matt and Ali).  Also, Matt has been under the weather so I cared for him.  I am much better at being the caregiver than the sick person.  Matt doesn't complain and whine like I do.  Anyways, he's better (Yay!), but he definitely had a rough week.

We are going to Grundy this weekend.  Looking forward to the trip.  Baby W is having a shower thrown in his honor.  I hope to post pictures when we return.

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