Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 33 and a half

Week 33...and a half!
Size of baby: size of a cantaloupe

This week:  Well, for starters, I totally forgot to take my 33 week picture.  So, maybe I'm more forgetful.  Can I blame it on pregnancy brain?!  We have been busy this week in all honesty and if I don't get Matt to take the picture in the morning, I'm very likely to forget. 

I had a busy work week so the week went by fairly quickly.  I haven't been sleeping as well these days.  I've always loved my sleep and throughout the pregnancy, my sleep hasn't been near as good.  I toss and turn and now I feel like I can only sleep on one side for so long before my hip starts to hurt and I have to roll over.  Plus, I run back and forth the bathroom.  I know it's all the normal stuff, but I really miss sleeping good and look forward to the day that it happens again...in about 18 years, right?  Matt thinks I'm just getting prepared for once Charlie comes along.  Other than my lack of sleep I feel good. My feet have started to swell a little bit. They don't look too terribly bad yet. I can't get enough of Matt rubbing them. :-)

Charlie has been moving around like crazy.  I love that he's been so busy.  He's so much bigger and it's so weird when we feel his little feet moving and see my stomach moving.  I love feeling my little baby.
We have several fun weekends planned and had some good times hanging out with friends so that's what we've been doing to keep ourselves busy.  Of course, Matt's been keeping up with basketball.  I've tried to watch some of the games but was pretty uninterested after VT didn't make it in. 
Other than that, I've been thinking about all the things for us to do before Charlie arrives like pack my bag for the hospital, make sure everything is set up with work including all my paperwork for leave, get some of his stuff set up and ready to go for when he comes home, etc. so I guess we'll spend the next month getting ready. It's fun to think about him coming soon.  Matt and I just keep getting more and more excited. I really can't even begin to express how truly excited we both are to meet our little boy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 32

Week 32

Size of baby: size of a sack of potatoes

Total Weight Gained: 19 pounds

This week: I feel huge!  :-)  I was told this week that I'm beginning to waddle.  Not sure that I took that as a compliment!

It's been a baby full week.  We had breastfeeding class Tuesday night, met a pediatrician on Wednesday evening, and yesterday morning I had another doctor's appt. As for our classes, we only have one more class on infant CPR this coming Monday and then we will have finished our 6 weeks worth of classes. I'm glad we took them but they are a little exhausting week after week. We will also have a tour of the hospital which we will take in April.

I had an ultrasound scheduled to get a check on my amniotic fluid situation so Matt decided to join me. Everything still looking good. The ultrasound showed that my fluid is looking good so my doctor is not worried.  Yay!  The ultrasound lady told us he's still a boy!  :-)  His HR was 124 on the ultrasound which was a little concerning but he was sleeping/resting.  He would kick back if the ultrasound lady aggravated him enough but he just wanted to be left alone to sleep.  That's my baby!  :-)  Anyways, he was good and awake by the time I saw the doctor and his heart rate was back up to 149.  The baby is head down. His little arms were up at his face resting and his feet were up near my right side.  He wiggled his toes for us. He is measuring a little bit further along so the ultrasound showed my due date as 5/1 but my due date has been 5/12 all along.  My doctor said that she wasn't going to change it but he may come early.  The ultrasound showed him measuring at 4 pounds 7 ounces and the size of his head is in the 90th percentile.  I asked my doctor if she thought he was going to be a big baby and she said no.  However, the ultrasound tech said I could have a 10 pound baby!  I choose to believe my doctor on this one.  My doctor asked Matt how tall he was (6'2") and told me it was is his fault!  My blood pressure was great (124/76), despite the fact that the ultrasound tech had just said something about me having a 10 pound baby.  :-)   My doctor said not to expect him to move a lot since space is getting limited.  I will go back in 2 weeks for another appointment and will go back in 4 weeks for an appointment and ultrasound.  After that, I go ever week until I have him.

We have a fun, busy weekend planned.  I'm so excited.  My mom and sister arrived last night and are going shopping today while Matt and I work.  My sister and Matt's sister are throwing a shower for family and friends.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures to share and I'll try to do better about getting them posted in a more timely fashion.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We've decided on a name!

Charles "Charlie" Wheawill

So, I'm not sure how much of a secret this has been because we are telling anyone who asks but we have decided on a name (well, a first name and are working on the middle name).  We have two possibilities that we are considering for a middle name.  However, we haven't decided between them.  I've even thought of waiting until he is born which for anyone that knows me very well, is not really my personality.  (I'm typically very decisive, impatient, and way too controlling to wait.)  However, I really don't think we can go wrong with our possibilities and maybe after we see him, it will be easy to decide.  Who knows when we will decide but for now, neither of us seem stressed about it.  So, you are just going to have to wait it out for our son's middle name.   

Here's updated pictures of Charlie's room.  I told Matt it's become the best looking room in the whole house!  :-) 
I painted his letters to put on the wall. I wanted them to match his bedding and I'm really proud of how well they turned out.

We've registered for window valences that match the bedding.  I love the bedding!  My sister got it for us and I'm so happy with the way it looks in the room.  I like the neutral colors against the blue wall. 
We plan to put the changing pad on the dresser and the diaper pail and clothes hamper on the sides.

There really isn't a theme to his room, but as you can see, we are really hoping he will join us in rooting for
the Hokies and Red Sox. 
Ali got him the Hokie mobile and gave it to me at the Grundy shower.

This is his first toy that his Daddy bought him!

Hopefully, he will be as big of a sports fan as we are.

There are so many things that I love in his room.  I love all the new items that he has received from the Grundy shower. 

I also love the dumbo lamp that was in my nursery when I was a baby. 

We have a few more finishing touches for the nursery but I think it looks great.  I hope Charlie loves his room as much as I do.  He and I spend a lot of time sitting in the chair right now.  I read to him in there and just go in there sometimes to take it all in.  :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dad's Suprise 60th Birthday

While we were home, we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday.  Dad wanted to know early in the week what my mom was cooking while we were going to be home so Mom told him that we would probably go out on Saturday since she would be tired after the shower so Dad went with it and made it easy.  My mom and sister planned the event and did a great job.  Mom sent out evite invitations to a bunch of people to meet at the Pizza Hut.  I wasn't sure if he was going to figure out what all was going on, but we managed to keep it a secret.  Dad was very surprised and I think he had a really good time. 
We put up a bunch of pictures of Dad over the years and he got a bunch of funny gifts and cards.

Unfortunately, my sister ended up getting diagnosed with the flu on Saturday and she was really bummed at not being able to go. So, she came, despite how bad she felt and had to wear a mask (as you can see from the pics). Blesss her heart!

I enjoyed hearing stories of my dad over the years.  Some of which I just found way too funny.  I think my dad is one of the funniest people I know! I'm glad I got to hear him being roasted by his buddies!  ;-)

On his actual birthday (a couple days later), my mom got him a "Older than dirt" cake and took it to work.

Stuff from the shower in the nursery

I have more updated pictures for the nursery but when we got home after the shower, I just couldn't stop going through the items and putting everything in there proper spot.  :-)

Stay tuned for more pics of Baby W's room coming soon.

Baby Shower Recap and More Catching Up

We have been very busy in the Wheawill house and it has been non stop since the nice baby shower that was thrown in Grundy on the 19th of Feb.  So, I think I'll start there since that's where I left off.  I was really looking forward to going back home. We hadn't been since Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun things planned. I had family that made the long trip to come as well. My Aunt Susan and Uncle Rob came in from Raleigh, NC and my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Brian came from Atlanta, all of whom I hadn't seen in over 8 months.
We had such a nice weekend in Grundy and it went by way too quickly.  The ladies at the church that I grew up in threw an awesome baby shower.  Matt, Baby W, and I feel very well loved.  I am fortunate to have been raised with such a wonderful church family. 

The ladies from the church really outdid themselves and Baby W's room is filled full of all kinds of things.  I'm sitting in his room right now admiring all his goodies as I write and upload pictures for the blog post. 

I loved the decorations.  My understanding is that they may have received some inspiration from the blog.  :-)  The theme was sports related with emphasis on VT Hokies. 

The food was delicious.  The ladies at the church are all such fabulous cooks.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share other than the cute cake.

Here I am with such good friends that I grew up with at church.  Beth (on the far right of the pic) and I are a day apart in age and have literally known each other since birth.  In fact, we first met at the hospital.  It meant a lot to me that she wanted throw this shower for me.  Thanks Beth!  Erica (in the center of the pic) and I also grew up together at church.  We went to the same elementary school and were involved in all the same activities as we grew up.  Again, it was a honor to have Erica help with my shower.  Thanks Erica!

They did a wishing tree where everyone could write their wishes to Baby W.  I have so much enjoyed reading them.  A lot wished for him to be a good sleeper.  Me too!  :-)  Also, Ali wished for him to be good friends with Wyatt.  Me too!  :-)  There were many more sweet wishes. 
I plan to put them together for Baby W in his baby book. 

Baby W received so many nice gifts.  I'm not going to overload you with too many pictures of me opening all of Baby W's gifts.  There are way more but here are just a few of them.
Matt came and helped eat some of the yummy food and load up the goodies. 

A big thanks to my photographer of the day! 

I gave the ladies pastel scarves as a hostess gift and they were all so sweet, making over them.  :-)  I was happy that they seemed to like the scarf.  Here I am with these beautiful, lovely, generous ladies! 

I just can't wait to meet this special little boy who is obviously well loved and already spoiled with all kinds of goodies.  I look forward to our next trip to Grundy with Baby W.  Hopefully, we can bring him back in the late summer to introduce him to all these generous people that showered him with much love and gifts!