Monday, July 30, 2012

Puppy Love

Charlie has been a little rough with Wally lately.  Charlie loves Wally, laughing and smiling at him most of the time which is why I know he isn't purposely being mean.  We have recently had to take away a spoon because Charlie was hitting Wally with it.  Anyways, Matt and I have been working with Charlie on being sweet to Wally.  We have been praising him when he gives sweet pats and hugs so the last couple of days, it seems that Charlie has really showed an interest in loving on Wally and giving him hugs.  I must say I love to turn to see Charlie hugging Wally and Wally laying there and letting him do it.  (Of course, Wally was trying to play with his toy and Charlie was a little occupied with his snack!)
Wally is for sure a very sweet dog.  He is so good around Charlie. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Momma and Bubbles

Please disregard the food on Charlie's mouth.  He enjoyed a cookie prior and it was almost bath time, so I just didn't bother wiping his mouth.  Here are a couple of videos of Charlie talking tonight.  He is also saying "Daddy" all.the.time.  :-)  It's about the cutest thing I've ever heard. 

Anyways, we were trying to get him to bubbles for the camera but instead he said Momma. 

And finally Bubbles for the camera.

Charlie's Dance Moves

I was trying to clean up the kitchen tonight and as I'm cleaning up, Charlie is busy making a mess.  Such is my life these days!  He is like a tornado going through the house.  Anyways, I noticed that he kept playing music on one of his toys and going see him twirling around.  It took a couple of times but I realized that he was busy dancing.  So, I got some of his dance moves on video. 

This boy surprises me every day with what he comes up with!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Furniture post

My time for redecorating is little and honestly, I'm exhausted taking care of Charlie and doing chores, that I am spending spare time just relaxing and enjoying this stage with Charlie.  However, in the week that Mim and Pops kept Charlie, Matt and I got several things done around the house.  There are always things on the to do list but most of them will just have to wait. 

Anyways, I took a secretary from my Mamaw and Papaw's house when I went home. I had measured prior and knew it would fit perfectly in the space that I wanted to put it in. I wanted it to be distressed to match the table in our breakfast nook.
It was my week long project but I found it to be relaxing while painting.

I've never done anything like this but am very happy with how it turned out. 
We are enjoying the extra storage space too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Charlie's Truck

Mim, Charlie wanted to show you how he plays with the truck you got him.  It seems that it's a great toy to ride on. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tomato Festival and Water Play

I apologize in advance but I'm playing catch up and just about every post has videos and no pictures.

This past weekend we went to the tomato festival and they had a petting zoo which was a hit with Charlie. He is getting so big.

The festival was crazy. There were so many fun things to do but of course I didn't have my camera. It was very hot and we were worn out when we got home. It may have had something to do with Charlie deciding to wake up at 4:30 that morning.

Charlie loves to play in the water.  We have been doing a lot of water play, both at school and home.  It's a way for Charlie to get to go outside but also stay cool. 

These videos are a little slow and his flip flops weren't staying on too well which meant he was sliding all around in his shoes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charlie Turns 14 Months--The Month in Review

Things about you this month
This month has been very busy.  The most significant part of the month was probably the time you spent away from Mommy and Daddy.  I don't think you had a hard time but now that you are home Mommy and Daddy are holding on to you tight.  We missed our little buddy a lot!  As for other things you visited the zoo this month.  You loved it.  It was such a fun day.  You did get a little tired during a part of it but you were able to sleep it off so that you could make sure to enjoy a fun lunch where you could laugh at your friend and future babysitter, Olivia. 

Your memory skills are really great and I can see such a difference.  With that skill, comes a little frustration as once you have determined that you want to do something dangerous or get into something we don't want you to and we are trying to redirect, it's pretty impossible.  You may give up but you are likely to go back within the day to retry.  You are obsessed with going outside.  You love to help Mommy water flowers and think it's pretty funny to get sprayed a little with the water hose. 
You had a weird spell that lasted about a week where you screamed when we gave you a bath.  Not sure why that happened but luckily that seems to have passed, hopefully for good, and you are back to loving baths and splashing just as hard as you can.  You get to have water day every Wednesday at school. One time when we took you to the pool, you spent so long walking in the pool that you scraped up your poor toe so badly that it bled a lot.  You have been swimming several times and seem to love it.
You have gotten better at your aim and throwing skills.  You are also getting stronger.  You are constantly trying to pick up things that are much bigger than you or convert everything into a push toy and push it around the house.

You stopped taking a bottle this month.  You gave it up pretty easy or so I hear.  You did it at your Pops and Mim's house so I don't really know how Mim did it.  She tells me it was easy though.  Next year, they can potty train you!!  :-) 

We have been able to go to church a lot this month and you are really loving the nursery. You seem to be one of the only little boys in your group which doesn't seem to bother you at all. You get excited to go in and play with the toys and the nursery workers always tell us how good you did.

You've been eating a lot this month and I think you may have gained a pound or two.  You are really growing and I am concerned that you are going to outgrow your clothes and shoes before the end of the season.  You are a big boy.  You are in mostly 18 month clothes.  Although, you we have started pulling out 18-24 months and I even bought you a 2T outfit and a pair of 2T pajamas.

More cute things from this month that I want to remember on top of everything else above :-)
- At the zoo, it would be a toss up on which you enjoyed most:  the ducks or the walk-in aviary.  The zoo was very hands on.  You fed the birds which landed on you in the aviary.  You got to feed the giraffe's which is definitely high up on your list of things that you enjoyed.  They also loved you since you were doing so good feeding them.  You even got a lick on the head from a giraffe.  Anyways, after we got home, you spotted a bird on our fence in which you tried to hold your arm out to get it to land on you.  When I told you, no, that it would come land on you, you started quacking at it. 
- You love to dance. 

You like music.  You have a Elmo video that you love to listen to about ducks. 
- Your Pops likes to laugh at you.  It's very sweet to your Mommy's ears to hear the joy that you have brought him, your Mim, and all of us.  You also laugh A LOT at him.  :-)
-  Your Aunt Meredith has a cute video of you snorting. 
I don't know that you've been this loud around me but you provided a good laugh for you aunt and grandparents! 

Firsts during the month:
- You had your first stay at Mim and Pop's house without Mommy and Daddy
-  You love to be outside but prior didn't really care too much about exploring the yard.  You were just as happy on the deck but this month, you have discovered the yard and want to be out there so you can pick up pine cones.
-  You rode your first carousel this month.  It was from the quarter machines.  You also rode a fire truck and a few other toys.
-  You played with a lot of kitty cats this month and LOVE them.  You even got scratched by one.  That's not a great first but it was a small scratch that healed nicely and quickly.  It didn't seem to stop you from wanting to play more with the kitty cat the next day.

Your vocabulary
- Not a lot of new words this month but I think you are saying out when you are ready to go outside and also grunting "uh" when you want to be picked up. 
- You are making the vroom sound when playing with cars and or getting rides on your fire truck car that your Grandpa and Grammie got you for your birthday.
- You Mim and Aunt Meredith tell me that they think you are saying something that sounds like Kitty Cat which you consistently said around the cat.
- You also seem to say they same thing when you want us to come and play with you or you want to play with an animal and get it to chase you.  Wish I knew what you were saying but it's pretty consistent.