Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Matt and I have so much to be thankful for and are having a wonderful holiday. I haven't been too great about taking pictures but I will try to take some the rest of the weekend and post them later.  Some of these are from this week.

Week 16
Size of baby: size of a avocado

Total Weight Gain: Gained 0.5 lbs (no additional weight since my 12 week appt)
This week:  I had my 4 month doctor's appointment and got another good report.  Baby W's heart rate was in the 140s this time.  My blood pressure was 108/70 which is excellent, especially since I sat in the waiting room for about an hour.  :-)  I have felt pretty good this week.  No headaches, thankfully.  My bump is growing a little.  I started wearing maternity pants (my maternity jeans) on thanksgiving day.  Appropriate for all the turkey I ate!  ;-)  As for other exciting things, I read that Baby W should start hearing as early as next week. 

It looks like my blog posts are just my weekly updates.  I have good intentions of blogging but find it especially hard these days to get more than one blog post in.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Wally is missing his face showing up on the blog.  He was sad when he was perusing the internet, not to find more posts with him in it.  :-)

I had to work some from home this past weekend because I had too much to get done with a welcomed short work week.  I felt a little like it was back to my to the old pharmacy school days.  (I would spread everything out on the bed and sit there and study at night.)

Wally "helped" me with my work or helped distract me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 15

Size of baby: size of a navel orange

This week: This past week has been good and very busy so it's flown by.  I have been so busy at work over the last week, working a little longer hours than normal.  I'm looking forward to the days off for Thanksgiving.  :-)  Overall, I've felt good.  I still had a couple days with the headache that just doesn't seem to go away.  Clothes are definitely fitting different but I'm still not in maternity clothes yet.  I've noticed some pants don't fit but I'm glad that most of them work.  I went over to a friends house one evening this week to visit her and her twin babies and she gave me some maternity clothes and a bunch of books to read.  I finally went through the clothes last night.  So, I will have a start once I need to wear them.  No cravings that I can identify.  I go to the doctor next week. 

As a side note, I enjoyed the game this evening.  I was a little worried about the Miami game and while it was definitely close during the first half, the second half was much better.  Way to go Hokies!!!  Looks like we will be going to the ACC championship game.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turning 30...

I had a very good birthday celebration that went for several days.  Wednesday night, Matt and I went over to his parents for a wonderful birthday dinner with Dick, Debbie, and Courtney.  I picked Beef Bourguignon.  Dick has made it in the past and it's one of my favorites.  We also had some delicious mashed potatoes that Debbie made with some asparagus.  My favorite foods!  I ate so much!  Dessert was delicious with apple pie and ice cream.  I may have said delicious in every sentence and it was! 

I had such a good time Wednesday night and was excited that I had Thursday off for Veterans Day so I didn't have to think about going to work the next day!   I love my sweater that Dick and Debbie got me and also a devotional book (Calm My Anxious Heart) that Debbie says every woman should read.  I laughed when I opened my card from Courtney.  She got me a gift card from Panera because I just can't seem to get enough of the soup and sandwich from Panera these days.  By the way, I have already used it once.  :-) 

My birthday was busy at work, but I took time to go out for lunch with my good friend Christie.  After work, I came home to this surprise. 

Matt got me some very nice gifts and saved all my very sweet birthday cards from family and friends that I received over the week for me to open.  Wally loves presents, as you can see. 
I got some fun warm boots so when its cold or snows this year, my feet will be dry and warm.
 I collect pharmacies from different Christmas Villages so I have another one to add to the set.  Matt is really good at finding all of the different ones and has admitted that he enjoys the hunt. 
He also got me really cute sweater dress that I picked out.  Thanks Matt! 

We went to a Japanese Steakhouse with Mark and Ali and then went back over to their house for dessert and more presents.  I loved Ali's gifts and this t-shirt most of all:

I had such a wonderful birthday that expanded on into the weekend.  Saturday was very busy with all kinds of fun things.  I got up early and got my hair cut.
Afterward getting a new style, Matt and I went out brunch on Saturday with my friend, Adrienne, and her friend.  Adrienne has been in town for the week and I have enjoyed my visits with her this week.  Matt and I ran errands and even went out and looked at cribs for Baby W.  We didn't decide on anything but are starting to look.  We hurried home to watch the Hokies play and then last night we went over to the McGreevy's for the 2nd annual "Friends Thanksgiving".  They cook the turkey and mashed potatoes and everyone else brings sides.  The food was delicious.  After dinner, we all went outside and hung around the fire pit.  It was a wonderful night!

This morning, Matt and I slept in.  We were exhausted from our busy days!

I would say a perfect weekend!  Thanks all for the birthday wishes! 

Speaking of perfection....

Week 14

Size of baby: size of a lemon
This week:  I celebrated week 14 on Veterans Day.  I started to do my post that day but it's been very busy in the Wheawill house so I will take a quick second to say a big thank you to who those who serve or have ever served our country.  This week has been busy as I celebrated my 30th birthday on Friday.  While I will post more about it in a different post, Baby W made this birthday very special. I am excited to meet Baby W this year.  I don't want to go on about how I'm feeling but I enjoy looking back and seeing how each week changes, so here a run down of this week.  Last weekend, I felt really good and had more energy than in the past.  I had a little stress at work this week which kept me tired in the evenings.  I've heard the exhaustion goes away in the 2nd trimester and I'm anxious to get there.  I am still feeling really good as far as the nauseousness, thankfully.  So, with some stress at work and possibly the pregnancy symptoms, I have headaches that keep coming and going.  It seems that rest and Tylenol do the trick though.  So, according to one of the many old wives tails, headaches are more common with girl babies.  So, am I having a girl?  We'll find out soon enough, I guess.  As for the bump, I think my bump feels bigger to me than it actually looks.  I was telling my best friend Ali about how I felt big and she said she felt the same way when she was there and that it gets better.  (I love that Ali has been through this and is a great person to talk to.)  I'm not in maternity clothes and can't tell much of a difference on the scales (not complaining about that one).   We'll see how much weight I gain at my 16 week appointment.  My appetite definitely decreased in the first trimester but this week, it's back!  I told Matt on Monday night that they baby was hungry and he made a comment about a 29 year old baby.  This morning, Matt asked if the baby was hungry because the daddy was hungry.  ;-)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bill

I have been blessed with wonderful grandparents. Every summer, I got to spend a week at my Grandpa Bill and Nanny's house. I also took 2 trips to Disneyworld with them. They had a camper and I remember how much I loved those trips. I have so many fond memories of spending time with them. We would work in the garden. Well, they worked and I played! Grandpa and I would go to a Cincinnati Reds game every year. I remember stopping on the way to the game to eat White Castle burgers and I loved the mini burgers. I loved the baseball games and I even had baseball cards that I collected for a little while. That was the era of Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo (aka "Spud"), Rob Dibble, Paul O'Neil, and Jose Rijo. My Nanny made me some very cute dresses and she also would make my baby doll a matching dress. I hope that my mom saved some of those and if Baby W is a girl, she can wear them! I only remember Grandpa yelling at me one time and it was when I was about to stick my finger in a fan because I was wondering what would happen. Not a very smart child. Thankfully Grandpa saved me on that one. :-)

Now, I don't get to see them as often as I would like.  Grandpa, I hope you had a great birthday and I love you. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just wanted to say...

we have some very exciting news!

This future Hokie is due to bless us with his or her presence on May 12th, 2011.  I am officially 13 weeks pregnant, today.

So, my plan is to take a picture every week so I can see how see my changing bump.  Also, I'm documenting all my thoughts so I will have them to read when looking back. 

This is from last week (I'm behind!):

Pregnancy Details:
12 weeks

Size of baby: size of a plum
Total Weight Gain: Gained 0.5 lbs
The past 12 weeks:  I sleep a lot.  My new bedtime is around 9 these days.  I have had my days/moments of sickness.  Food hasn't tasted the same over the last 12 weeks and I've had some pretty bad days where I have been sick.  I had 2 bad Sundays, but they are behind me now and I'm starting to feel better.  I haven't really had any cravings yet. I stopped drinking sodas and haven't missed them yet.

I will never forget how excited I was when I first saw the positive on the pregnancy test which then led me to go wake Matt up (it was about 6 in the morning) shrieking with joy.  I think I definitely startled him at first but he was very happy and getting any work done that day was very hard for the both of us.  Our minds were too busy.  Since the first pregnancy test, I took some several more.  The first doctors appointment was for my 8 week appointment and we got to see the baby on an ultrasound.  (Baby W's HR was 146)  My doctor told us that the ultrasound looked perfect.  Matt and I were so happy to see our baby that day and we got a ton of information to go home and digest.  Somewhere around that time, we told our parents and sisters and they were very excited.  We asked them to keep it a secret until we went back for the 12 week appointment though.  This week, we got to go back for our 12 week appointment.  My doctor told us that all my labs came back looking great.  We got to hear the heartbeat and that was exciting too.  (Baby W's HR was 156) I was relieved and excited to hear the baby.  Matt said my face lit up when we started hearing the pitter patter.  My doctor gave us the go ahead to "tell the world" as she put it.  So, we have been busy sharing our good news!

Now, this week:

Pregnancy Details:
13 weeks
Size of baby: size of a peach
This week: I have felt great!  I haven't had any sickness.  (Thank you Baby W!)  Food is tasting better and I'm getting more adventuresome to eating the foods that I was eating before.  I think I might be staying up a little later this week, but not enough to really make a difference.  Still no cravings that I can identify. I had an eventful week.  I was driving home yesterday and was in a little fender bender.  The car behind me got rear-ended and then pushed into my car.  I was in stop and go traffic and I was stopped but the car behind me didn't get stopped in time.  I am fine and so is my car but it definitely shook me up a little.  So, Baby W got to get a check-up today and is fine too.  Thank goodness!  At 13 weeks, Baby W's heart rate was 155 and I could hear Baby W kicking.  I didn't know that's what it was until the nurse pointed it out.  The nurse told me it sounded like Baby W is very active.


Go Hokies!!