Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turning 30...

I had a very good birthday celebration that went for several days.  Wednesday night, Matt and I went over to his parents for a wonderful birthday dinner with Dick, Debbie, and Courtney.  I picked Beef Bourguignon.  Dick has made it in the past and it's one of my favorites.  We also had some delicious mashed potatoes that Debbie made with some asparagus.  My favorite foods!  I ate so much!  Dessert was delicious with apple pie and ice cream.  I may have said delicious in every sentence and it was! 

I had such a good time Wednesday night and was excited that I had Thursday off for Veterans Day so I didn't have to think about going to work the next day!   I love my sweater that Dick and Debbie got me and also a devotional book (Calm My Anxious Heart) that Debbie says every woman should read.  I laughed when I opened my card from Courtney.  She got me a gift card from Panera because I just can't seem to get enough of the soup and sandwich from Panera these days.  By the way, I have already used it once.  :-) 

My birthday was busy at work, but I took time to go out for lunch with my good friend Christie.  After work, I came home to this surprise. 

Matt got me some very nice gifts and saved all my very sweet birthday cards from family and friends that I received over the week for me to open.  Wally loves presents, as you can see. 
I got some fun warm boots so when its cold or snows this year, my feet will be dry and warm.
 I collect pharmacies from different Christmas Villages so I have another one to add to the set.  Matt is really good at finding all of the different ones and has admitted that he enjoys the hunt. 
He also got me really cute sweater dress that I picked out.  Thanks Matt! 

We went to a Japanese Steakhouse with Mark and Ali and then went back over to their house for dessert and more presents.  I loved Ali's gifts and this t-shirt most of all:

I had such a wonderful birthday that expanded on into the weekend.  Saturday was very busy with all kinds of fun things.  I got up early and got my hair cut.
Afterward getting a new style, Matt and I went out brunch on Saturday with my friend, Adrienne, and her friend.  Adrienne has been in town for the week and I have enjoyed my visits with her this week.  Matt and I ran errands and even went out and looked at cribs for Baby W.  We didn't decide on anything but are starting to look.  We hurried home to watch the Hokies play and then last night we went over to the McGreevy's for the 2nd annual "Friends Thanksgiving".  They cook the turkey and mashed potatoes and everyone else brings sides.  The food was delicious.  After dinner, we all went outside and hung around the fire pit.  It was a wonderful night!

This morning, Matt and I slept in.  We were exhausted from our busy days!

I would say a perfect weekend!  Thanks all for the birthday wishes! 

Speaking of perfection....

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