Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just wanted to say...

we have some very exciting news!

This future Hokie is due to bless us with his or her presence on May 12th, 2011.  I am officially 13 weeks pregnant, today.

So, my plan is to take a picture every week so I can see how see my changing bump.  Also, I'm documenting all my thoughts so I will have them to read when looking back. 

This is from last week (I'm behind!):

Pregnancy Details:
12 weeks

Size of baby: size of a plum
Total Weight Gain: Gained 0.5 lbs
The past 12 weeks:  I sleep a lot.  My new bedtime is around 9 these days.  I have had my days/moments of sickness.  Food hasn't tasted the same over the last 12 weeks and I've had some pretty bad days where I have been sick.  I had 2 bad Sundays, but they are behind me now and I'm starting to feel better.  I haven't really had any cravings yet. I stopped drinking sodas and haven't missed them yet.

I will never forget how excited I was when I first saw the positive on the pregnancy test which then led me to go wake Matt up (it was about 6 in the morning) shrieking with joy.  I think I definitely startled him at first but he was very happy and getting any work done that day was very hard for the both of us.  Our minds were too busy.  Since the first pregnancy test, I took some several more.  The first doctors appointment was for my 8 week appointment and we got to see the baby on an ultrasound.  (Baby W's HR was 146)  My doctor told us that the ultrasound looked perfect.  Matt and I were so happy to see our baby that day and we got a ton of information to go home and digest.  Somewhere around that time, we told our parents and sisters and they were very excited.  We asked them to keep it a secret until we went back for the 12 week appointment though.  This week, we got to go back for our 12 week appointment.  My doctor told us that all my labs came back looking great.  We got to hear the heartbeat and that was exciting too.  (Baby W's HR was 156) I was relieved and excited to hear the baby.  Matt said my face lit up when we started hearing the pitter patter.  My doctor gave us the go ahead to "tell the world" as she put it.  So, we have been busy sharing our good news!

Now, this week:

Pregnancy Details:
13 weeks
Size of baby: size of a peach
This week: I have felt great!  I haven't had any sickness.  (Thank you Baby W!)  Food is tasting better and I'm getting more adventuresome to eating the foods that I was eating before.  I think I might be staying up a little later this week, but not enough to really make a difference.  Still no cravings that I can identify. I had an eventful week.  I was driving home yesterday and was in a little fender bender.  The car behind me got rear-ended and then pushed into my car.  I was in stop and go traffic and I was stopped but the car behind me didn't get stopped in time.  I am fine and so is my car but it definitely shook me up a little.  So, Baby W got to get a check-up today and is fine too.  Thank goodness!  At 13 weeks, Baby W's heart rate was 155 and I could hear Baby W kicking.  I didn't know that's what it was until the nurse pointed it out.  The nurse told me it sounded like Baby W is very active.


Go Hokies!!


  1. Such wonderful news! I am still so excited! I look forward to all the updates. You will be so glad to have such a record of it all. Enjoy every bit you can. While they are all special, there's nothing like the first pregnancy!

  2. Congratulations Stephanie! You will be a great mother! There is nothing like it in the world!

  3. Saw this coming. Couldn't wait to join the mommy mafia?