Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 15

Size of baby: size of a navel orange

This week: This past week has been good and very busy so it's flown by.  I have been so busy at work over the last week, working a little longer hours than normal.  I'm looking forward to the days off for Thanksgiving.  :-)  Overall, I've felt good.  I still had a couple days with the headache that just doesn't seem to go away.  Clothes are definitely fitting different but I'm still not in maternity clothes yet.  I've noticed some pants don't fit but I'm glad that most of them work.  I went over to a friends house one evening this week to visit her and her twin babies and she gave me some maternity clothes and a bunch of books to read.  I finally went through the clothes last night.  So, I will have a start once I need to wear them.  No cravings that I can identify.  I go to the doctor next week. 

As a side note, I enjoyed the game this evening.  I was a little worried about the Miami game and while it was definitely close during the first half, the second half was much better.  Way to go Hokies!!!  Looks like we will be going to the ACC championship game.

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