Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 25

Week 25

Size of baby: size of an eggplant
This week: Its been a good week.  Nothing real monumental other than celebrating our first child's 5th birthday.  I worked a lot this week so I was pretty busy.  Next week, I go back to the doctor.  I feel huge this week so I'm not very excited about getting on the scales at the doctors office.  No promises to post my total weight gain.  I get the right to stop posting weight gain whenever I want!  :-)

This week, I did manage to work on our baby registry.  We are registered at, babies r us, and target.  I'm really excited to have my baby shower---I'm really blessed to have people throwing me one.  There are so many baby items out there and there are several that I just can't wait to get like his bedding, the necessity items such as carseat, VT mobile for his crib, and others.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Wally

Tonight, we celebrated Wally's 5th birthday. I can't believe he's already 5. 
 So, he got a special treat, thanks to his Daddy who went out and got it after work.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Babysitting Wyatt

Monday nights are Matt's basketball night.  Matt really enjoys playing basketball with his friends in a league they joined at the Y.  Well, this week, I think I was looking forward to Matt's basketball night just as much because I was needed to babysit Wyatt.  Mark is in the league too so I babysat until Ali got home from work.  Then, I stayed and Ali and I had dinner together. 

Wyatt and I had a good time.  We had some cuddle time and read books together.  He also had to show me his new toy.

As my Dad says, he's the cutest little boy ever....well, until May!  :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby W's Room

Trying to decide on paint colors as you can see here:
After the lovely paint job (Thanks Amy!):

With some existing well loved furniture in his room.  The furniture actually came from my Great Aunt who I loved dearly.  I'm happy that I have it and I can always think of my Aunt Daisy when I look at the furniture. (We Amy painted the book shelf and it looks perfect between the two windows.):

Now with the crib that his grandparents bought for him.  (Thanks Dick and Debbie!):

Here is another picture of the shelf that I took today:.

I love the Dumbo lamp. It was in my nursey and also in my sisters so it has very special meaning to me and I think Baby W and I will enjoy looking at it when we are sitting the chair together.

I plan on hanging quite a few things on the wall, but want to wait until I get the bedding before I hang anything.  I want to buy some letters and spell his name out.  I think I want those to hang on the wall where his crib is.  I also want to get some floating shelves to put on the wall oppposite of the crib and I will take some of the items that are on the shelf to put on them.  His room isn't really going to have a theme.  I did register for a Hokie mobile for his crib!  ;-) And, we do have quite a few Hokie and Red Sox things to hang on the wall. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 24

Week 24

Size of baby: size of a papaya (It has been the same for the last several weeks, so I found something else that said that he is the length of an ear of corn.)

This week:  I feel like this week is monumental because I'm 6 months and in the 3rd trimester. 

Matt would say this week is monumental because he got a new car.  It's a family car so Baby W was definitely involved in the decision, little did he know.  I sure hope he likes his new ride becuase Matt and I do.  I need to take a picture of Matt with his new car.  It's a 2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan.  

I have been doing very well and really don't have any complaints.  I have really felt great and feel very lucky to have such a great pregnancy so far.  I hope this continues as Baby W continues to grow.  I feel him moving around a lot; some days he's more active than others. I'm pretty exhausted in the evenings, but tend to do everything that I did before at work (other than lifting the heavy boxes which I haven't done for a while now).  My leg cramps seem to be a little better this week.  I tend to sleep pretty well overall.  I've never had too much difficulty sleeping.  Sometimes my back hurts, making it hard to sleep but then other nights, I'm out. (Matt says I've started snoring a little.)  I did have a crazy dream last night when I dreamt that Baby W was here and I forgot to feed him.

We picked up the crib this week and Matt put it together this weekend.  I will post pictures of the nursey in a separate post.  I like to go in there and sit in the chair and look at his room.  :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Changes for Wally

We decided that when we got the new furniture, it would be a good time for Wally to transition from my side of the bed to Matt's side.  I love having him on my side of the bed.  It's the way it's always been.  He gets in his bed at night and then if I wake up, I can see him.  But, since the baby will need to be on my side of the bed, we decided that we would move him over to Matt's side.   (We are a little worried about Wally's jealousy issues and his only child syndrome which we are working on and needs much more work than just moving his bed...more to come on that!)

This week has been a little different but Wally has handled this transition beautifully.  It gives me hope that he will learn his role quickly and stop being so bad around babies!  Last Saturday night should have been the night of him moving but I was too tired and really just wanted to go to bed to fool with worrying about moving him.  :-) That's my excuse.  Sunday night was his first night.  So, we moved the bed to the other side.

Wally has cuddle time with us before bed and then we tell him to get in his bed.  So, he went over to my side of the bed and laid down. 

 Matt had to get up and bring him over to the other side and put him in his bed.  Once he got in his bed, he was fine.

 He was just slightly confused!  ;-)

It only took Sunday and Monday night of him going to my side of the bed and having to be shown where his bed was.  After a few nights, he and I are both used to him being on the other side of the bed.   Since, I'm seriously posting a blog on this topic, I can only imagine how hard it's going to be on me to transition the baby from being in our room to the nursery.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Our new bedroom furniture

Our furniture arrived on Saturday.  I was a little busy Thursday night getting ready.  Matt then was so sweet to get it finished on Saturday morning without my help.  He moved our other furniture to the baby's room and vacuumed all the dog hair up that was under the furniture.  The furniture was delivered and they set it all up.  Saturday night after a long fun day, it was all I could do to get the bed made.  Sunday, we got all the clothes from our other furniture and moved it all in. I cleaned up a little and vacuumed one more time. 

I have to say that we love it! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 23

Week 23
Size of baby: size of a papaya (It was the same for this week and next week, I guess they are running out of fruit!)

This week: I went to the doctor to a perinatologist so I could get another ultrasound.  This time I got to go to the higher resolution machine.  It was really cool to see his little nose, ears, mouth, fingers, toes, etc..  Baby W hasn't been the most cooperative little baby which is the reason for the trip to this doctor.  They were so nice and spent a good amount of time looking at him.  And, I finally, got to hear the words, Baby W looks great and is healthy!  :-)  In order to get the clean bill of health, they have to check out all the organs and bones.  Last week, the technician saw most everything but wasn't able to get a good view of his heart and his right arm.  Baby W didn't make it easy on them this week either.  He was moving around like crazy.  The doctor told me that I need to explain the rules of hide and seek early because she thought he would be good at it!  :-)    He was definitely making us laugh though....putting his hands on his forehand then around his mouth then stretching then down around his body and moving his little feet in different directions.  I've enjoyed seeing him all 3 times.  I don't get another ultrasound until week 36.  His heart rate was 144 and he weighed 1 pound 3 ounces (gained 2 ounces since last week). 

So, we got a lot of pictures to take home with us.  I'm including my favorites:

And here's Matt's favorite: 
As you can see, we can rest easy that there's no mistake on the ultrasound technicians' part and we are definitely having a boy!  We saw a lot of friends this weekend and the boys were so funny.  On Friday night, we were at a nice dinner, when one of Matt's friends asked if I brought the ultrasound pictures.  So, when I passed them down, I got a kick out of those boys when they got to 'the picture'.  There were having so much fun.  Then, last night, I had them out to show some of the girls and Matt comes over and the only picture he wants to go show the boys is this one above!  :-)  Such a proud papa to have a little boy! 

As for me, I feel huge this week!  My belly is getting big and I have had a good appetite.  It's hard to believe that I'm almost to the 3rd trimester.  The 2nd trimester has flown by.  My back has been a little sore so the doctor checked that out for me.  She was concerned of a possible bladder infection but I think the answer is Tylenol and back rubs.  And I'm also getting some leg cramps so I'm starting to wear compression socks per the doctors recommendation.  I had some cramps several weeks ago, which the doctor said is common, but they stopped for a little while so I thought I was in the clear.  Now they are back so I'm going to wear the socks to see if they help. 

We have a lot of fun things happening here at the Wheawill house.  We got new furniture for our bedroom.  Baby W is getting our old well loved furniture.  :-)  The crib is also available for pick up.  Maybe by next week's post, I can post some pictures with progress on the nursery.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week 22

Week 22

Size of baby: size of a papaya
Total Weight Gain: 6.5 lbs (gained 4 pounds since last visit)
This week: I went back to the doctor this week.  I actually have been to the doctor twice in the last couple days.  I got a cold that started on last Saturday and it has really done a number on me.  It absolutely wore me out.  I had this awful cough which was followed with all this congestion and a sore throat.  For those that know me, I'm not the best sick person and could possibly be a little whiney.  Everytime I get sick, I proclaim that I may die.  Well, I did good with the cold until Tuesday night and that's when I told Matt that I might not make it which he reminded me that I was going to have to toughen up if I was going to go through childbirth.  My poor doctor has no clue that I'm such a wuss.  I'm sure at least once during childbirth, I will announce that I'm going to die.  Poor Matt!  :-)  Anyways, normally with a cold, I'm a big fan of pseudophed but since I'm pregnant, I have very limited OTC options to treat my cold.  Finally, after my near death experience on Tuesday night, I had to go in to my family practitioner on Wednesday.  Also, I found out Tuesday that my sister had strep and since she was here this weekend and my throat was killing me (literally), I was afraid that I had strep.  He told me everything that I already knew...Since it's viral, an antibiotic won't do any good.  Of course, sometime viral infections can turn into bacterial infections.  I don't have strep, thankfully.  What he told me that I didn't know was that the reason my throat was so sore is that I have blisters in my throat.  So, I came home after the doctors appt and rested for the rest of the day.  I think I am somewhat better today.

Today, compared to yesterday, was a more fun appointment though.  I had another ultrasound.  Although, by hardheaded baby did not cooperate again.  :-(  Actually, we got to see a lot and everything looks really good.   He just wouldn't show us this right arm and she didn't get to see everything about his heart that she wanted to see.  Baby W was all spread out and not in a pretzel like last time.  The big problem is this time his back was towards my belly and his face and belly were facing my back which was making things hard on the ultrasound technician.  She liked everything that she saw but she needs to see him for a 3rd time.  My doctor is recommending that I get a 3D ultrasound so that way if he doesn't cooperate, they can still see everything.  I guess either way I get to see him again and I love seeing him.

It was a lot of fun to see him this time, compared to last.  I was a little less worried and I loved how much the ultrasound technican talked to us through all the different images she was getting.  She pointed out all his organs and spent about 30 minutes or so looking at him.  Baby W weighs 1 pound 1 ounce.  The ultrasound tech also said that I'm about 4 days ahead of schedule according to measurements so maybe Baby W will come a little earlier than 5/12.  :-)  Now that I am feeling Baby W move, I told the ultrasound tech where I was feeling him and she would tell me what body part I was feeling.  At one point, I felt his little butt pushing up against my stomach.  He was kicking and moving all around.  Baby W's HR was 154.  My doctor gave me an excellent report.  She did reassure me that my cold was not affecting Baby W.  My blood pressure was great and she was happy about my weight gain.

Matt and I are still throwing around names so we haven't decided.  Once we decide, we aren't keeping it a secret so maybe in the next few weeks, Baby W will have a name.  I like the name Baby W, though, for now. 

In some ways, it feels like time is flying by.  Baby W's room is coming right along.  His room is painted and I owe a big thanks to my friend Amy for doing such an excellent job.  I have picked out his crib and his other bedroom furniture is getting moved into his room next weekend.  My mom and I went out and looked at Babies R Us while she was in town and picked out all kinds of fun items for him.  I'm super excited about his bedding.  May will be here before we know it but I am loving all of the fun stuff leading up to the arrival of Baby W.

Baby W's Room

I'm sad that I didn't take a true before picture when it was the office.  We did a little at a time but managed to get all of the room cleaned out which meant giving away our old desk (my desk when I was in college), the desk chair, printer stand, a ton of books that we have already read, and other odds and ends.  Anyways, there are even more changes occuring this month.  Now that the room is empty, we can start getting Baby W's furniture moved in. 

Here's a sneak peak of the nursery:

I love the paint color.  The room looks so different already with just the wall being painted.  Stay tuned for Week 22 post as I went back to the doctor today. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Recap

We had a wonderful Christmas and it just flew by even though we managed to spread it out and celebrate with different friends and family for a little over a week.  This year we spent Christmas with the Wheawills.  This was my first Christmas working with the state and I loved all the time off that I got around the holidays. 

Matt and I cooked dinner for the Hamricks so Ali and I could do our Christmas together on the 23rd.  On the 24th, Matt and I went to see a movie during the day and then headed over to his parents.  We had a nice dinner, and while we were eating Wally provided us some dinner music.

 After dinner, we had a nice visit which and Dick read us Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Christmas story from the bible.  I love this tradition.  I can't get enough of hearing the Christmas story read from the Bible. 

Here Matt and I are ready to head out to Christmas Eve services.
Later that night, we came home and had Christmas together. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband that makes me feel special everyday. The next morning Santa came and as you can see Wally was very excited about his toy that Santa left.

On Christmas Day, we went back over to Matt's parents. We had such a nice day. I love all the traditions that the Wheawills do and enjoyed being a part of it.

We started by eating a nice breakfast and then getting into our stockings.  Wally enjoyed getting his first and getting to chew his rawhide Christmas card.

 After stockings, we had a nice time opening our presents.
 We got several gifts for Baby W. 

We munched all day and just had such a nice day together.  We played a couple games and relaxed around the fire. 
We even got a white Christmas this year.  It was so pretty to look out the window and see the snow. 

My parents and sister came to Richmond late late Wednesday night.  We did our Christmas with them on Thursday night and then we spent New Years together.
(I look awful. I ate too much and I was so hot when this picture was taken.)

Poor Dad!  Meredith talked him into taking her toenail polish off for her so she wouldn't mess up her fresh manicure.

 My parents and sister got to meet Wyatt for the first time. 
Wyatt and I got some good cuddle time, which made Wally jealous so Matt had to take a picture.

I can't believe the holiday came and went so fast.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!