Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 23

Week 23
Size of baby: size of a papaya (It was the same for this week and next week, I guess they are running out of fruit!)

This week: I went to the doctor to a perinatologist so I could get another ultrasound.  This time I got to go to the higher resolution machine.  It was really cool to see his little nose, ears, mouth, fingers, toes, etc..  Baby W hasn't been the most cooperative little baby which is the reason for the trip to this doctor.  They were so nice and spent a good amount of time looking at him.  And, I finally, got to hear the words, Baby W looks great and is healthy!  :-)  In order to get the clean bill of health, they have to check out all the organs and bones.  Last week, the technician saw most everything but wasn't able to get a good view of his heart and his right arm.  Baby W didn't make it easy on them this week either.  He was moving around like crazy.  The doctor told me that I need to explain the rules of hide and seek early because she thought he would be good at it!  :-)    He was definitely making us laugh though....putting his hands on his forehand then around his mouth then stretching then down around his body and moving his little feet in different directions.  I've enjoyed seeing him all 3 times.  I don't get another ultrasound until week 36.  His heart rate was 144 and he weighed 1 pound 3 ounces (gained 2 ounces since last week). 

So, we got a lot of pictures to take home with us.  I'm including my favorites:

And here's Matt's favorite: 
As you can see, we can rest easy that there's no mistake on the ultrasound technicians' part and we are definitely having a boy!  We saw a lot of friends this weekend and the boys were so funny.  On Friday night, we were at a nice dinner, when one of Matt's friends asked if I brought the ultrasound pictures.  So, when I passed them down, I got a kick out of those boys when they got to 'the picture'.  There were having so much fun.  Then, last night, I had them out to show some of the girls and Matt comes over and the only picture he wants to go show the boys is this one above!  :-)  Such a proud papa to have a little boy! 

As for me, I feel huge this week!  My belly is getting big and I have had a good appetite.  It's hard to believe that I'm almost to the 3rd trimester.  The 2nd trimester has flown by.  My back has been a little sore so the doctor checked that out for me.  She was concerned of a possible bladder infection but I think the answer is Tylenol and back rubs.  And I'm also getting some leg cramps so I'm starting to wear compression socks per the doctors recommendation.  I had some cramps several weeks ago, which the doctor said is common, but they stopped for a little while so I thought I was in the clear.  Now they are back so I'm going to wear the socks to see if they help. 

We have a lot of fun things happening here at the Wheawill house.  We got new furniture for our bedroom.  Baby W is getting our old well loved furniture.  :-)  The crib is also available for pick up.  Maybe by next week's post, I can post some pictures with progress on the nursery.

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