Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 25

Week 25

Size of baby: size of an eggplant
This week: Its been a good week.  Nothing real monumental other than celebrating our first child's 5th birthday.  I worked a lot this week so I was pretty busy.  Next week, I go back to the doctor.  I feel huge this week so I'm not very excited about getting on the scales at the doctors office.  No promises to post my total weight gain.  I get the right to stop posting weight gain whenever I want!  :-)

This week, I did manage to work on our baby registry.  We are registered at, babies r us, and target.  I'm really excited to have my baby shower---I'm really blessed to have people throwing me one.  There are so many baby items out there and there are several that I just can't wait to get like his bedding, the necessity items such as carseat, VT mobile for his crib, and others.

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