Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 26

Week 26

Size of baby: size of a eggplant, again
Total Weight Gained:  11 pounds (gained 4 pounds since last visit)
This week:  Mat felt Baby W kick on Friday night.  I think he could have felt him before that but we just happened to be sitting there and I commented on how much he was moving.  When he put his hand on my stomach, he could tell me when Baby W moved so it was official that he felt the thumps that I have been feeling since Week 19.  Baby W's moving around like crazy.

It's been a busy week.  I am busy with work which means that I am working later than normal for the past 2 weeks.  This week I had some especially longer days.  Wednesday night, we had our first parenting/labor class.  We have 7 classes total (about one a week) so they will definitely keep us busy.  This class was an introduction to labor.  I am all about the interventional methods so my birthing plan definitely includes getting an epidural.  :-)  After the class, I was exhausted. 

As for the doctor's appt, everything looks great.  I am loving getting such a good report and I really like my doctor.  I look forward to seeing her everytime.  My blood pressure was 120/70 and Baby W's HR was 147.  My doctor said that I look perfect and was pleased with my weight gain.  I can only hope the pregnancy continues to go so well.  I go back every 2 weeks until Week 36 and that point will go every week.

This past weekend, we also cleaned out our coat closet and the pantry over the weekend.  I did not take before and after pictures.  It's too bad I didn't because they both look really good.  However, I'm not sure I want to share how messy they were.  Of course, in true Stephanie fashion, once I get something in my head, I won't stop until I am done.  However, I should have stopped sooner.  I paid the price on Sunday.  Instead of getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather, I was in bed, taking my Tylenol, because my back was hurting so bad.  I am feeling better, but it's still not back to where it was prior to Saturday. I'll learn. 

I've officially turned into one of those mothers this week.  As time gets closer for Baby W to arrive, I have a growing list (one thing gets crossed off, 2 more get added....and as Matt reads this, he is rolling his eyes) of items that need to be done:  some are house items (you can call it nesting or whatever but I am currently trying to get organized....i.e. the closets), taking care of legal documents, Matt getting glasses so he can see at night to help me, getting our light out back to work (hint, hint Matt), etc.  I won't bore you with more items on the list.  Well, another thing to add to the list is getting vaccinated against Pertussis (i.e. whooping cough).  I can't get it until I'm not pregnant so I will ask for it in the hospital when Baby W arrives but I want Matt to get it prior.  So, being one of those mothers, I asked the grandparents and aunts to get it as well.  :-)  I guess that's what happens when you work in a pharmacy and also for the Virginia Department of Health.  Pertussis which can be serious if a baby gets it, is on the rise in many states, Virginia included, and since there is a vaccine and a booster is recommended for adults, it's my thought that we should get vaccinated.  Baby W will get his first booster at month 2 and then will finish the series at months 4 and 6.  So, at Week 26, I've joined the group of slightly neurotic protective, obnoxious (well-informed and educated, might I add) mothers.  :-)

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