Monday, July 30, 2012

Puppy Love

Charlie has been a little rough with Wally lately.  Charlie loves Wally, laughing and smiling at him most of the time which is why I know he isn't purposely being mean.  We have recently had to take away a spoon because Charlie was hitting Wally with it.  Anyways, Matt and I have been working with Charlie on being sweet to Wally.  We have been praising him when he gives sweet pats and hugs so the last couple of days, it seems that Charlie has really showed an interest in loving on Wally and giving him hugs.  I must say I love to turn to see Charlie hugging Wally and Wally laying there and letting him do it.  (Of course, Wally was trying to play with his toy and Charlie was a little occupied with his snack!)
Wally is for sure a very sweet dog.  He is so good around Charlie. 

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