Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 31

Week 31
Size of baby: size of a squash again so I looked it up somewhere else and found the size of a 3 lb bag of chicken so there you go! 

This week: It's been a pretty good week.  I kept thinking that it was a day ahead.  I thought it was Thursday on Wednesday and so on, which seems to make the week a little longer.  Matt and I are busy every week taking our classes.  We should be well educated by the time Baby W joins us.  Hopefully, we'll be somewhat prepared for our new crazy life!  :-)  We also started deciding to have date nights more regularly on the weekends.  We are trying to come up with all kinds of fun places to have dinner dates prior to Baby W. 

The other projects that we are working on around the house includes cleaning out closets and doing some chores outside and inside.  I'm pretty happy with out progress so far.  Not much left on the list! 

I've felt good this week but feel huge!  I'm having a little bit of hip pain and pain in my lower back.  I've started sleeping with more pillows which seem to be working well.  Despite my lack of sleep, Matt tells me I snore pretty good these days.  :-)

Oh, and Baby W moved positions.  I am feeling him like crazy so I'm happy about that.  I think his head is still down but I guess we'll find out at the doctor next week.

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