Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 33 and a half

Week 33...and a half!
Size of baby: size of a cantaloupe

This week:  Well, for starters, I totally forgot to take my 33 week picture.  So, maybe I'm more forgetful.  Can I blame it on pregnancy brain?!  We have been busy this week in all honesty and if I don't get Matt to take the picture in the morning, I'm very likely to forget. 

I had a busy work week so the week went by fairly quickly.  I haven't been sleeping as well these days.  I've always loved my sleep and throughout the pregnancy, my sleep hasn't been near as good.  I toss and turn and now I feel like I can only sleep on one side for so long before my hip starts to hurt and I have to roll over.  Plus, I run back and forth the bathroom.  I know it's all the normal stuff, but I really miss sleeping good and look forward to the day that it happens again...in about 18 years, right?  Matt thinks I'm just getting prepared for once Charlie comes along.  Other than my lack of sleep I feel good. My feet have started to swell a little bit. They don't look too terribly bad yet. I can't get enough of Matt rubbing them. :-)

Charlie has been moving around like crazy.  I love that he's been so busy.  He's so much bigger and it's so weird when we feel his little feet moving and see my stomach moving.  I love feeling my little baby.
We have several fun weekends planned and had some good times hanging out with friends so that's what we've been doing to keep ourselves busy.  Of course, Matt's been keeping up with basketball.  I've tried to watch some of the games but was pretty uninterested after VT didn't make it in. 
Other than that, I've been thinking about all the things for us to do before Charlie arrives like pack my bag for the hospital, make sure everything is set up with work including all my paperwork for leave, get some of his stuff set up and ready to go for when he comes home, etc. so I guess we'll spend the next month getting ready. It's fun to think about him coming soon.  Matt and I just keep getting more and more excited. I really can't even begin to express how truly excited we both are to meet our little boy!


  1. I'm so sad that I don't get to feel any more kicks from little Charlie. :( I so wish I could see you again before he makes his debut. On the bright side, I can't wait to meet my nephew and see you as a mommy! I miss you and love you!

  2. So soon Steph, SO SOON! You still look amazing! Enjoy the last few weeks - he will be here before you know it! I remember the almost tangible anticipation at the end. Soak it all up!!