Saturday, December 4, 2010

ACC Championship GO HOKIES!

We are Charlotte bound to go see the Hokies.  Not that I would ever root against VT but I really really don't like FSU.  They are probably my least favorite team is the ACC, closely followed by UVA.  :-)  Although, I really don't like Bobby Bowden, but even with a new coach, my dislike remains. 

Anyways, GO HOKIES!

I have a few posts that I will try to get to when I get back (I'm WAY behind)....Thanksgiving (Christmas lights at Bristol Speedway), Week 17 (haven't forgotten and the bump is growing), Pictures from todays game (Well, I'm not behind on this one but don't forget to root VT on to a win starting at 7:45 tonight), and last but not least Christmas decorations (very excited about my new addition to the decor)

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