Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 19

Week 19

Size of baby: size of a mango
Total Weight Gain: Gained 2.5 lbs
This week: It's been a big week and I'm late making my post.  We got to go to the doctor and see the baby on the ultrasound.  Baby W wasn't cooperating so the ultrasound technician wants me to come back.  I got upset when she told me that she couldn't see everything and started crying.  I loved seeing the baby and I have worried so much about this baby so to hear that she couldn't see everything, I got pretty upset.  The ultrasound tech then took a some more time to explain that Baby W was moving around like crazy and everything that she could see looked very good and healthy but she wanted to be very thorough.  She also explained that his position was in such a pretzel making it hard to get a good look at his heart (his HR was 150).  Hopefully he will cooperate a little more.  She reassured me that he will next time because he will be bigger.   After the extra time that she spent explaining that the baby was healthy, I felt relieved.  So, looking on the bright side, I get to see him again at the next visit!  And you may have guessed by now, because I think I referred to Baby W as "he"....We also found out that we are having a boy!  I couldn't believe it!  I really thought it was a girl.  I am excited about having a boy though.  I just hope he doesn't inherit my athletic ability!  :-)  Matt was very excited about a boy.  He's going to be such a good Daddy.  So, out of our good friends in Richmond with babies, we have 6 boys and 2 girls.  So, he is going to have a lot of friends to play with. 

I got a good report with my doctor.  My blood pressure was a little higher, but that may have been raised slightly due to the excitement and me getting a little upset during the ultrasound.  It was still normal (120/64).  I have continued to feel good this week.  No headaches for the last few weeks which is nice.  I'm also in maternity clothes.  I wore them all week and it was a lot more comfortable.

Matt and I had a girl name in mind but no boy names so we have some work to do.  :-)  It's a lot of fun to not call the baby "it" anymore. 

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  1. You look so cute!! 2.5 lbs!? Amazing! I think I gained that the first week with both babies! Max had to have 3 ultrasounds before they got all the images they needed of his heart and he's perfect! I'm a crazy worrier too, but I'm sure baby boy W is perfectly healthy, just giving you a little taste of how babies have minds of their own!