Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 18

Week 18

Size of baby: size of a sweet potato
This week: I think my bump is growing.  According to my scales, I've gained a few pounds.  The bump seems bigger on some days than others but I'm sure it has to do with what I have on.  I'm still wearing a mix of maternity clothes and regular clothes.  I am using the maternity bands a lot so I would definitely recommend to anyone who is pregnant.  I don't really wear too many dresses to work, but I have a couple that still work.  I was really excited this week when I got a big box shipped to me from my friend Courtney Crawford with maternity clothes.  Thanks Courtney!  She sent me quite a few shirts that may work when it gets a little warmer outside.

I read that the baby is moving all around now (yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing) and it shouldn't me long until I start to feel him/her.  Also baby is starting to hear so just in time to hear me sing Christmas carols, which may not be such a blessing.  As for me, I'm feeling great.  I still require a bit more sleep, which is hard for me to quantify because I've always enjoyed sleep.  I am noticing that, while I can do it, it's harder for me to bend over.    Also, I didn't think it was possible but I'm less coordinated than I was before pregnant.  :-) 

Next week, we go back to the doctor.  And this is a big appointment.  Matt and I get to see the baby and make sure the baby is healthy.  I have worried so much about this baby which isn't much of a surprise as I tend to worry about a lot of things that I can't control or do anything about.  I know that my worrying about the baby is only the beginning and sometimes I wonder how my parents did it.  As far as worrying now about the baby, my pregnant friends tell me it will get easier when I can start feeling the baby moving around.  At the appointment, we get to find out the gender, which we are both excited about so stay posted and I'll update next week with whether it's a boy or girl.

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