Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whoever is praying for snow, Please Stop!

So, this was on a sign at a local church in Grundy, and I thought it was too cute. 

Here is what Wally thinks of the snow.  He's saying "Not again!".

Last weekend, we were in Grundy for the big Richmond snow.  We were lucky enough to miss it traveling which I'm thankful for.  For one time, I think Richmond got more snow than Grundy.  Only 6-12 inches in Grundy and I heard 12-18 inches for Richmond folks.  Virginia Department of Transportation tends to work those roads and mountains heavily in Grundy thankfully.  And, I was happy that we didn't lose electricity or water like the previous snow in Grundy around Christmas time. 

With all of our traveling, Matt and I managed to miss the snow that then hit us again this weekend. I am so thankful to not be on the roads in the bad weather.  Right now, I'm happy to be home and safe.

While Wally may get a close up view... 
I plan on this being my view of the snow:
This family is ready for Spring!

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