Saturday, February 6, 2010

More from Grundy...

I see a trend with my blogging.  I don't blog for a while and then I post 2-3 times in one day.  I'm going to try to do better about spreading them out, but it's snowing more right now so I thought I should play some catch up.

While in Grundy, I did manage to have time to visit with family.  Not much to post about but figured I would show you a little bit of pictures from the trip.

My wonderful husband turns 30 this week (He's older than me! haha...just had to add that.).  I will have many more birthday pictures to post.  I think we will manage to make it a full birthday week, if not birthday month before it's over.  Anyways, mom made him a carrot cake.  Dad was concerned about burning down the house with 30 candles.

Here are my parents children now that Meredith and I are not living there any longer.

Oh, and take a look at this puzzle.  (This is for my Aunt Susan and Matt to see it finished.  They had to leave in the middle of mom and I working hard.)

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