Saturday, February 13, 2010

A week full of celebrations....

Matt was able to celebrate his birthday a couple of times throughout the week. I think he turned out to have a pretty good one!

We had a wonderful birthday dinner with Matt's mom and dad in honor of his birthday.  Here are some from the declicious dinner with Matt's parents.

Matt got a VT cornhole set from his parents and sister. My parents finished it out with the bean bags.

Dinner and dessert was wonderful as always!

Then, on his birthday, Matt decided he wanted steak, mashed potatoes, and bleu cheese salad. Then, I made his mom's pound cake for dessert.

Matt really wanted to get the Comcast baseball preview. So, I made him a little baseball coupon so that he can sign on to get his full season of baseball. To fit the theme, I got him a magazine so he can brush up on the 2010 season.

More pics of the birthday boy opening his gifts....

Wally was very interested!

Tonight is the big annual WheawAli Party where both Matt and Ali will celebrate turning 30. I can't wait to celebrate my 2 very best friends big 30th birthday!!

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