Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Catching Up...

On the same night as my going away party, actually while we were there, my grandmother (or my "Mamaw" as my sister and I refer to her) took her last breath.  She went into the hospital a few days earlier.  Mamaw broke her hip back on Halloween and just didn't recover as well as we or she would have liked.  In the end, her kidneys stopped functioning.  I will miss Mamaw greatly as will the rest of my family.  I'm grateful that she didn't have to suffer and she only had a couple bad days (with even some good hours during the bad days). 

Mamaw spoiled my sister and I; she was a loving grandmother.  (We are blessed to have 3 sets of grandparents and all of which have been so wonderful to us.)  I learned this weekend that I may have some of Mamaw's tendicies.  For example, every Saturday was cleaning day and for those that know me, I have to clean every weekend.  It sometimes drives Matt crazy but I like a clean house and take just as much pride in it as she did.  Also, Mamaw didn't have patience for household items not working or functioning as they should.  For example, she wasn't patient enough to wait for it to be fixed.  Well, I tend to want whatever the appliance, electronic, etc. to be fixed immediately or replaced.  Mamaw definitely passed on her worrying to me.  Well, I'm sure there are more but as we talking some this week about Mamaw, I started thinking that it was beginning to sound a lot like me.  My sister and I liked looking at old photos of Mamaw and Papaw when they were dating or 'courting' as they called it and even their wedding pictures.  Meredith actually got several comments that she resembled Mamaw somewhat during those 'courting' days.

This week was hard but, at the same time, I enjoyed visiting with my family. There was no place that I would rather be. She had a beautiful funeral to honor her 86 years of life. We will miss her on earth but I take all the comfort in knowing the has now joined Papaw in a place much sweeter and devine where she is no longer suffering.

Here are some pictures of such a wonderful Mamaw.
Doesn't she look like a proud grandmother?
Maybe her 70th birthday? 

I would guess this one below was taken around 2006.

We took her to eat Chinese food twice.  The first time she didn't like it.  We we tried again, and even though she happy to be with family, she still wasn't a fan.  :-)

Finally, Mamaw at The Wheawill wedding.

I have an awesome family!


  1. I am so sorry for your loss Steph. Hugs to you and know you and your family are in our thoughts.

  2. I love the pictures Steph...