Sunday, February 28, 2010

Decorated Office

Ok, so I haven't had my own space in a long time at work.  I loved my tiny office during my days at the VA hospital.  It was tiny but I had it decorated and I spent many hours in that tiny office.  I had so many pictures of friends and family and I think it helped me not be quite so homesick or lovesick (I really didn't like being so many hours away from Matt!).  Anyways, I now have an office again so last week, I got it decorated! 

Before pictures:

After pictures:

The job is going well so far.  It's always hard starting a new job because the first few weeks are a lot of training, observing, orienting (Yuck!  I hate the word.), etc.  So, for the impatient person (Not me?!!), it makes it a little more difficult.  Anyways, I'm learning a lot and I really am excited as it seems that I'm working with great staff.

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