Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rewind to last weekend...

So, I've been tardy with my posting yet again.  We had a wonderful time last weekend with the Wheawills in Massanutten.  It was the perfect relaxing weekend that was much needed.

Since it was my first trip, everyone did a great job giving me a tour. 

We got an amazing view of the mountains and also the ski slopes and tubing.

After a few family pictures, we headed to Dayton to do some shopping and then to Harrisonburg to the JMU bookstore for Courtney.  Of course, we had to stop for a quick grocery stop and we made it back for some heavy snacking.

(Notice the cute flowers on the Wheawill women!)

We relaxed and visited the rest of the day which included watching the olympics, working a puzzle, eating the best delicious french onion soup, and playing a couple games of Sequence.

(I became obsessed with the puzzle and was very motivated to finish it before leaving Sunday!)
Sunday, we got to go tubing. We had a blast going down on our stomach all 3 of us attached together. Courtney is much more of a dare devil than I. I don't think I would have ever gone on my stomach if she hadn't first and then talked me into it!
(I love Matt's hair!)
We had such a fabulous weekend. I was very sad to say goodbye and leave them but Matt and I had to return to our child and to the working world.
Wally was exhausted from his visit at the pet resort but happy to see us!

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