Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Vacation and Charlie's first trip to the beach

We traveled to the beach with my family for the first time since our family has expanded. 
On our way out of town, we dropped off our first child, Wally, with his grandparents.  They were kind enough to babysit with some help from Matt's sister, Courtney.  I think he wore his welcome out and is busy resting today.
You think he's happy for us to be home?

Before getting on the road, we had a family photo.  Wally was probably too busy getting attention from Grandpa.  :-) 
Wally settled right in and made himself right at home.
Charlie was the best traveler and was wonderful in the car.  I traveled in the back seat with Charlie and that helped with giving him his pacifier when needed.  And for those that know me, sitting in the back seat for that long of a car trip was a little bit of a gamble but I'm happy to report that I did not get car sick.  Thank goodness!

This is the life...
We  got a few minutes in at the beach with Charlie.  He's a little too young for sunscreen and it was just too hot for him anyways.  So, we went out early in the mornings a couple of times and only for a few minutes when we were out. 
Wish we had some cool sunglasses for him.  Next year...
He didn't seem to mind the tiny salt water that I sprinkled on him.  Just a yawn...
The ocean just put him to sleep.
The sun just really wears you out.
We all enjoyed ourselves.  I especially did.  I got some good time on the beach thanks to help from the rest of the family, especially my mom.  We all ate some great seafood. 
We rested and relaxed.  And, of course, everyone got good snuggles and smiles from Charlie. 
We are sad to see vacation end.  Matt goes back to work on Monday and I go back to work in a week.  Reality is setting in.

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