Monday, July 18, 2011

Meeting A New Friend...

We had such a nice night yesterday and I actually got pictures for once.  Charlie's friend Charlotte came into town this week.  We didn't have the opportunity to see them since we were out of town at the beach but managed to squeeze in a short visit last night.  Charlotte is about 3 weeks older than Charlie so they are very close in age.  For me, I enjoyed getting to compare and contrast babies.  Charlie likes to nurse a little more often than Charlotte (imagine that, my big boy is a hungry man all the time!).  Charlotte takes longer to nurse because she is a lady and Charlie is in a hurry afraid he is going to miss the opportunity.  Charlie is very behind on the sleep department which I kind of guessed since he is back to getting up at 2 hour increments...ugh!  (I'm pretty sure there would be a lot more parents with only 1 child if they all slept like Charlie.  I'm going to have to forget about this sleep deprivation before Matt and I can think about having another one so maybe the rest of the world forgets too.)  He and I are having a battle of wills and he is winning at the moment so it's a little bit of a sore subject.

Anyways, Charlotte is super cute.  She was a little tired from her busy week of meeting all kinds of new people which I understand completely.  It's got to be overwhelming for these babies and then we parents go and mess up their schedule (which I'm hoping is Charlie's problem with his non-existent sleep). 

Matt talked to Charlie on the way over about how he shouldn't get nervous when he sees a pretty girl and needs to compliment them and give them cute smiles.  That wasn't hard for Charlie to do because Charlotte is a doll.
First introductions...

Charlie really seemed to listen because he was a perfect gentleman until he decided to lean on Charlotte.  We need to work on teaching him some better moves because he's a little bigger (about 2.5 pounds) than her. 
Charlie is real sorry that he knocked you over, Charlotte.
Future babysitter...
All the children:
(Wells, Kalli, Charlotte and Charlie)

Charlie had a great night and so did Mommy and Daddy.  Thanks for having us over, Nathan.  The single brave guy without children invited this craziness in his home.  :-)  The McGreevy's have a baby girl on the way and we can't wait to get her on the couch for the next get together.  

Charlotte shared her activity mat with Charlie and Kalli played with him.  
Charlotte, we will miss you but hope you will come back to Richmond and visit real soon!

(Photo taken by Kalli)

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