Monday, July 25, 2011

Catch Up

I'm a little behind in some blog posts but it's been busy around the Wheawill house.  Last week, Charlie started sleeping horribly.  Matt and I couldn't figure out why the dramatic change was going on and we certainly weren't happy about it.  I stayed up with him a couple of nights and then Matt had one night up with him as well.  We ended up taking him to the pediatrician and they think it is his reflux again.  I hate this reflux stuff and am hoping that we find a solution quickly and he grows out of it.  Anyways, we increased his medication which took a few days to work but I'm happy to report that we are going on night #3 of getting a 6-7 hour stretch.

I ended up sick with mastitis.  Breastfeeding is a lot of work and I find that it can be very lonely.  It means when we are out that I have to leave the group.  I am not sure that I love it but I'm doing it for the benefit that it provides Charlie.  Anyways, I had fever, chills, aches all over my body.  It was the worst that I've felt in a really long time...maybe ever.  Not to mention that feeding him was painful.  That part took the longest to go away.  I'm still on medicine for it but am feeling much much better.  Matt's sister, Courtney, came over the day that I came down with it and I owe her big time.  She truly was a lifesaver, keeping Charlie for me.  Thanks Courtney! 
(This is an old pic but that day I wasn't up for taking pictures.)
Charlie and I will do something special for you very soon.

Charlie has all kinds of recent developments.  He talks up a storm.  He's holding onto things with a little more purpose behind them.  He sucked his toe with some help from his Aunt Courtney.  He's real into those feet these days.  He laughed for the first time.  It's so much fun and so cute.  I don't have any pictures or video to accompany but will try to get some soon.

We had some company over the last few days.  My mom is here helping out and I have started back to work (I'll do a separate post about that.)  Matt's family dropped by on Saturday to meet Charlie.  We were having a rough morning as Charlie was having some reflux issues which seemed to worsen after they left but minutes prior to getting them, he threw up on me, the couch, and himself.  I think I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get us straight before they got there.  Anyways, I'm glad that they got to meet him.  Here are some pictures with his cousin Katy

and Aunt Lisa.

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