Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Holiday Weekend

We had such a nice weekend.  My family came to town.  Charlie got to meet his Great Aunt, Great Uncle, and 2nd cousin. 

We visited a lot around the house because the weather didn't cooperate in that it was way too hot and Charlie just couldn't be out in it too much.  I wanted to show them around Richmond while they were here and we did manage to get a little bit in, despite the heat.

We did a little sight seeing:  Hollywood Cementary to see some dead presidents and went to St. John's Episcopal church where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech. I had never been to Hollywood cementary so I actually thought it was pretty cool. 

Here we are in front of James Madisons burial spot:

Charlie wasn't so impressed but he did pose for the photo op.

Saturday night, we went to the horse races and no one walked away with any big wins but we had fun watching. 

I managed to get a picture with Charlie's eyes shut but don't let this picture fool you.  He was awake most of the time at the race and very content.

Charlie showed off his ability to sit in the stroller like a big boy. 

We enjoyed a walk in our neighborhood, playing cornhole, playing the Wii, and lots of visiting.  I had such a nice weekend.  Thanks for coming Brian, Margaret and Drew.

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