Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 2 months Charlie from your Mommy


This month has flown by.  Where is time going?  You are changing every day and it seems like every day gets better and better.  Just when I can't imagine that you will get any cuter, you never seem to stop amazing me with your sweet smile. 

I also love your other facial expressions that you are making.  You have perfected the pouty face.

Your looks are changing.  Your Daddy and I were looking at our baby pictures and we see a resemblance. Your Grammie confirmed it with even more pictures which I will have to post later.
Here is your Daddy as a tiny baby:
Your Daddy was about the same in measurements at his 2 month appointment (he weighed 14 pounds and was 25 inches long) and your Mommy didn't weigh that much until at 4 months old!

You continue to eat well and you don't have a problem taking a bottle if needed.  You are now wearing 3-6 month and 6 months clothing.  You have no problems filling out your 6 month clothes.

You are also now in size 2 diapers. 

Your reflux was getting better this month, but we are having a small set back right now where you have thrown up on me 2 mornings in a row.  You smile right after you do it like you are proud of yourself!  You outgrew your dose at the beginning of the month so we had to increase it a little bit.  I hate to see you hurting from stomach pains and feeling like there is little to do to make you feel better.  During the month, I've learned that the easiest way to make you feel better on those rare occasions is to put you on my shoulder and rub your back.  Although, it often puts you to sleep. 

Sometimes you also like to lay on your stomach across my lap.  Your vomiting is much better.  Although you did get me real good a few times this month.  :-)

You now love baths.  In fact, you look the most relaxed in the bath tub.  I love it when you kick those little feet in the bath tub.  We have started doing water play, even on non-bath nights.  It really seems to wear you out and you love it so we find this a win-win. 

We still find that being held, eating, and sleeping are pretty much your days but your level of activity has definitely increased. 
You are starting to enjoy tummy time a little more. 

Your patience is short though and you tire out quickly.

You like to watch objects with shapes and movement such as the fans and lights & your mobile,

 the piece of art over our couch, etc.  You also are enjoying your activity mat. 

We just started introducing rattles which aren't of great interest but we'll keep playing with them.  I have also started reading you books.  We think you enjoy music and have spent time introducing you all kinds of fun silly childrens songs.  Your also enjoy laying with your daddy and listening to his music. 

One of the greatest gifts that you have given your mommy this month has been a 5-6 hour stretch some days in the evening/night.  Of course, I would like for you to do this every night and am hoping you will continue to work on that.  You are liking your crib and your daddy and I like that you are happy sleeping in it.

I could go on and on about you and find myself doing just that.  You are starting to discover that tongue and I find you sticking it out pretty often these days. 

It's pretty cute.  You have started slobbering and blowing spit bubbles too.

You are a pretty happy baby but have had your moments which I am going to tell you all about one of these days.  You are learning how to soothe yourself which is nice.  Your latest 'unhappiness' is around waking up.  You don't particularly like to wake up but are learning how to wake up in a better mood, thankfully. 

You have many friends that are extremely active and I am excited for you to join them one day.  You are going to have a blast!  Until now, I'm learning a lot from them on future baby proofing.  They are going to teach you all kinds of fun things.

Before my next post, I have to go back to work and you will get to have some good time with both of your grandmothers before going to daycare.  I hope they don't spoil you too much during that time.  This past month we visited your daycare and while you still have a month of time at home before starting, I feel certain that you are going to be left in very good capable hands. 

Your Daddy and I love you very much Charlie!  We love our cuddly time with you and can't imagine life being any sweeter.

We can't wait to see what the next month brings and we hope to see many more smiles like this one.

I love you so much my sweet boy and am more excited for the months to come. 

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