Monday, May 20, 2013

What's on our DVR?

Ok, I feel like all I do is write about Charlie so for fun, I'm going to do a non-Charlie post.  Matt and I love TV, probably a little too much.  Anyways, we watched Silver Linings Playbook this weekend.  It was really good.  I really enjoyed it.  I told Matt that I wanted to look like Jennifer Lawrence and if he wanted to look like Bradley Cooper, that was cool.  He just shook his head at me.  :-)  Bradley Cooper is something to look at that's for sure!

Anyways, back to our/my regular shows:
1)  Justified - sadly, that season has ended and while it's intense and I have to prepare myself for it before watching, I can't get enough.

2) Mad Men - It's in the middle of the season.  Of course, we are caught up so it's not on the DVR.

3) VEEP - I think last season was funnier but I still find it funny.

4)  The Office - I really didn't like the past season (actually I didn't really like it much after Michael Scott left) but I decided I would watch it until the end.  We haven't watched the finale yet.

5)  The Mindy Project - This is one of my new shows that I think is pretty funny.  Matt and I both watch it but hardly ever together! 

6) The Big Bang Theory - I love this show.  Matt doesn't really watch it but I find myself laughing out loud at it.

7)  Reality TV - Matt doesn't really watch any but I like several shows.  My favorite is Duck Dynasty.  I also watch Little Couple and 19 Kids and Counting. 

8) Modern Family - Is it me or has that show just not been funny this season? 

9) How I Met Your Mother - I really hardly ever watch it but a girl that I went to high school (Jayma Mays) has been on it (she's also on Glee) so I watched those couple episodes and a few others when Matt was watching them. 

10)  Charlie's shows - Chuggington and Sesame Street.  I think I'm going to start recording a few other different ones because we have seen like every Sesame Street show.  It's a little annoying that they do so many repeats of the same shows over and over.  For a 2 year old, I think it's just fine but Matt and I are a little tired of it.

11) Katie - I love Katie Couric.  She says she hates this comment but I grew up watching her.  It makes her feel old.  I remember Mom and Dad always having the today show on and I really liked watching her.  I have always enjoyed current events.  In high school, I would my Government teacher would make us answer currents event questions everyday.  I hardly ever got one wrong.  I still watch the Today Show every morning and when I miss it, I feel a little thrown off.  Now, I get to see Katie on her show.  I think she's a good talk show host.  She has a good personality.  Plus, I like that she grew up in Virginia, even if she did go to UVA.

I'm going to go watch Katie interview The Robertsons from Duck Dynasty!  :-)

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