Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today in the nursery at Church, I noticed that Charlie's age was listed as "1.99" on the roster.  Oh my!  I can't believe that on Friday, I will have a 2 year old.  Charlie is in the middle of a couple transitions with turning 2.  He is moving to a new classroom at school and will move to a new room in the nursery at church.  He's started transitioning at school and is doing pretty well.  I think the last time he moved, he was very ready but this time, there are a few mixed emotions.  He's very comfortable in this room and he's moving from a room of 10, to a room of 22 kids.  That's a big change in itself.  Plus, he's managed to stay close to his teachers in the infant room (Ms. Belinda whom he still loves) and his teachers in his current room are awesome.  Of course, I'm sure his new teachers will be wonderful too.  He will move away from the biters, hopefully.  There are quite a few in his current room.  He will start some new fun things at school though such as circle time to do more songs and books.  He will also start potty training soon.  This school tries to have them all trained before moving upstairs to preschool, which won't be until next Fall so I think he has plenty of time.  Hopefully he picks up on it!  He tells me all the time that he wants to sit on the potty but, honestly, he only likes the idea.  I'm not looking forward to the work.  Once he gets in there to sit on it, he loses his interest so I think currently, we both are not ready.  His new teacher thought we would wait at least a month before we work on it for several reasons.  Fine by me!  That will give her some time to evaluate where he is with being ready.

Life has gotten in the way of blogging.  We've had a busy yet fun month.  Let's see here.  I'm going to have to job my memory as it feels like my days are flying away from me.  We had a visit from Pops and Mim.  We went to a baseball game while they were here
and then Charlie got to spend several days with Mim.  Oh my!  This boy loves his Mim.  It was a special treat to get books read to him by Pops
 and since that visit, Charlie has seen a white car and insisted that Pops was in the driver's seat.  Ha!

Mim made a 2nd trip to see Charlie while his Daddo went on a quick work trip.  While she was here, I think it was our only warm week from Spring.  It's been a little been a little chilly and wet for me but ask me in July, and I'll be wishing for this weather.  I hate the heat in the Summer.  Anyways, work has been extremely busy for me over the last month but I'm happy to report that I'm starting to see a little break from the busyness just in time to put my extra energy into party planning so we are ready to celebrate this boy's birthday. 

We celebrated Charlie's Bopa's birthday,
 whose name seems to be changing everyday.  It started out as Grandpa and was changed to Bopa then lately, he's referred to him as Papaw.  (Today, he said Bopa.)  I'm not sure what Charlie's going to stick with but this boy loves him and his Grammie, whose name remains "Grammie".:-) 
He kisses their picture most nights prior to going to bed. 

Charlie has started swim lessons and I'm very pleased with his first lesson.   We let the children go under for a quick 3 seconds and when they told me prior, I was very adamant against that as I felt like it was torture but wouldn't you know my child came up happy as could be and he giggled and laughed through the lesson.  I hope he continues to enjoy it and am happy he wasn't too fearful of going under, at least this time.  It was pretty cute. 

Charlie is really into choo choo trains. 
That's been going on for a while but his favorite book at the moment is this Chuggington hunt and find book for toddlers.  He can find all the various items in the pictures.  By now, it's pure memorization but it's really cute as he names off the items and points to them.  We look at it about 10 times every day.

Charlie also loves Curious George which to him is "George the Monkey". 
His Grammie and Bopa found his Daddo's old Curious George doll.  He's loved having it and I think it's his first doll that he's care much about other than the doggie lovey that he sleeps with every night.
Charlie got to have a fun time this weekend with his friend Wyatt.  Wyatt stayed with us for a few hours and Charlie was so excited about Wyatt coming over.  We talked and talked and talked about what we were going to do when Wyatt came over.  Charlie was just so excited and I truly think it lived up to the great anticipation.  That boy had a blast.  We played around the house. 
They both ate dinner which involved giggling and doing tricks for one another.  Then, Matt and I took them down to Sweet Frogs in the wagon.  It's about a mile walk and Matt did great at pulling the wagon.  The boys loved it.  They talked and giggled the whole way.  After we ate our yogurt and got back, they had baths together which Charlie was very excited about.  Poor Wyatt is recovering from Strep throat. Hopefully next time he we do this, he will feel a little better.  I could listen to those two boy's giggles all day. 

Naptime is over so I better wrap this blog up.  I'll leave you with a few pictures of "Silly Charlie" as he refers to himself most of the time.

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