Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

First, I feel it is important to recognize today and thank all of those who are and have served in our military. 

We are having a wonderful weekend.  Matt and I felt like we were in need of an extra day and were happy to have it.  We haven't done much but I think that's just what we needed!  "Haven't done much" is an oxymoron with a busy toddler.  We've actually been busy but around home with no real schedule of having to do anything.

We went to swim class on Saturday.  This boy loves the water and is really doing well.  I'm not expecting him to start swimming on his own but I feel really good at where he is and what he has learned.  It's been a great class and since he loves it so much, it's been so much fun for me and him to do together.  I really have enjoyed it.  However, Matt and I think we are going to let next week be his last class.  It's getting warmer and while there are several things that I think the class does help with, he will have to work on this summer when we go to the pool.  He absolutely hates to float on his back but we will get there one day! 

We didn't do a whole lot Saturday evening.  We played outside and went on a walk and had a nice dinner.  Matt and I watched another good movie that night.  We are back into movie nights for dates and I'm loving it.  I've stayed awake for 2 Saturday nights in a row and that's a pretty good record for me!

Sunday, Matt and I kept the nursery at church.  We had 9 2-3 year olds.  I know this is going to sound funny but it was definitely enough for me!  There was even 1 more worker who was the room leader in addition to Matt and I.  The room leader teaches the bible story.  Two children were a little needier than the rest.  Charlie wasn't one of the needy ones other than he wasn't keen at always sharing both Mommy and Daddy and he was into everything.   Anyways, it was cute and I told Matt that I may be interested in becoming a room leader and helping teach the lessons to the kids.  I thought that part was pretty cute!  Charlie was testing himself by trying to climb up on top of these blocks which Matt and I had both warned him multiple times that he was going to get hurt.  And, when it was only he and 1 child left, he fell and hurt himself.  He gave himself a good little knot and was pretty upset!  I was just glad it was our child.

Sunday, after nap, we loaded up to see the McGreevey's.  Charlie always includes Hailee and Wyatt in his list of friends.  He was super excited to go see Hailee.  They play really well together and had a great afternoon.  We played with the water table, sand box, at the swing set.  They even got to take a bath together. 

Today, we braved the pool with The Hamricks.  They had us as guests at the pool that they belong to.   It's supposed to be about 80 as a high but I think it's only in the low 70s.  Charlie had a good time but we really spent more time in the inside pool than the outside.  Charlie and Wyatt are doing really good in the pool. After a nice lunch with them, we are home enjoying rest.  As I type, Charlie is asleep in his bed and the rest of us (including Wally) are laying in our bed resting.

It's been a good weekend.  I love my little family so much and I am thankful that I got to enjoy a lot of this weekend with Matt, Charlie and friends. 

On a sadder and heavier note, a young professor that I had in pharmacy school passed away this weekend.  She leaves behind her husband and 2 children (4 months old and 2 years).  Apparently, she found out about a week ago that she had Stage 4 Breast Cancer but she passed so quickly that she never even got a chance to fight.  I wasn't close to her but I was very saddened to hear this news.  Her family has been on my mind ever since I heard the news.  It's just tragic.  She was someone who excelled in the profession of pharmacy and I think she touched a lot of lives and will definitely be missed by all those at the School of Pharmacy in addition to all friends and  loved ones.   So, I have been thinking and reflecting on what is truly important in my life.  Tomorrow's not guaranteed and with that thought, I'm cherishing all my time with all those that I love.

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