Friday, May 17, 2013

Sesame Street Party Recap

I will post many more party pictures but I was so happy with how everything turned out for Charlie's party.  I loved the decorations and the moon bounce was a hit.  The food was delicious.  The sweets table was my favorite!  Charlie had a blast as well as all the other kids, which is what mattered.  Mommy and Daddy enjoyed it too!  Many thanks to a ton of people for their help!  Grammie made "2" cookies, Bopa for helping take pictures and doing whatever needed (mostly helping hold the boy who loves to be held by Bopa), Mim made table clothes and a cute banner, The Robbins and my sister for a lot of help and my Dad who gave me a real hard time on Saturday morning.  :-) Dad was a ton of help but I think he should get this reference and know what I'm referring to.

More pics coming soon....

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