Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to go to work and other random thoughts

So, this blog has turned into Charlie's blog but some people just can't get enough of him and I can't stop taking pictures of my boy. 

Charlie and I visited his Daddy today at work. 

Charlie had many admirers to tell him how cute he is. 

Charlie and I thought that wearing his tie to work was fitting for his first day on the job.  (We actually ran by my work last week but it was a very quick visit that was impromptu as I needed to take care of something so we didn't plan it or get any pictures.  We will go back for a visit before too long.)
His arms aren't quite long enough to reach the keyboard. 
He was awake when he got there but fell asleep shortly after. 
Matt told him that going to work put him to sleep too.  Like father, like son.  :-)  (Matt really doesn't sleep on the job, I hope.)

Here's Charlie after lunch. 

As for other random things:

  • I am realizing that I sure am going to miss maternity leave.  Charlie and I have really got in a nice groove over the last couple of weeks of going out and about town.  People say, "I can't believe you have a baby this little out."  Charlie's pediatrician actually recommended us try to get out and now that we are able, it really helps me.  I'm not great at staying at home and we only spend a couple of hours out a day but I think it's good for both of us. Also, Charlie and I do the laundry during the week so that way we don't have to do laundry during the weekend.  That's a nice perk to being at home during the week as I always dreaded doing my weekend chore.  
  • Panera is my absolute favorite restaurant.  I couldn't get enough of the turkey artichoke sandwich/tomato soup combo when I was pregnant.  Now, I have moved on to the salads this summer.  Matt, Charlie and I enjoyed lunch there again today.  (We seem to visit at least once a week.) 
  • It's in the low 80's here today which is a nice change from the humid high-90's.  Charlie and I enjoyed a few minutes on the deck (in the shade) in our rocker.  After Charlie's afternoon snack, I am going to attempt to take both boys on a walk.  Depending on our level of success, we may go on another walk this evening after Daddy gets home. 
  • Charlie slept for 2---3.5 hour increments last night.  Yea!  Go Charlie!!
  • Charlie has started smiling in his dreams more consistently. Maybe it is gas but whatever it is, it is the cutest thing in the world. As if I need to be staying up at night, I sometimes lay and watch his facial expressions as he sleeps.  Too bad I haven't caught it on camera or video yet.
  • Also, for the wedding last weekend, I got a much enjoyed manicure and pedicure.  I decided to get shellac put on my nails and I'm a big fan.  I don't know how it will look when I take the polish off.  Hopefully my nails won't be weak.  Nine days out, my manicure is holding strong.
  • Another thing to note, I still can't get my wedding rings on.  :-(  I am down to my weight prior to getting pregnant but the weight/fat has redistributed and apparently my fingers are bigger.  I'm going to work at losing some more weight as I have a goal to reach before going back to work.  Hopefully, I will not have to get them resized but my lack of patience has already sent me the jewelry store once to inquire about how much it would cost should I need them resized. 
  • Not that I'm an expert by any means, but I am going to do a post on my favorite baby items.  I liked reading these posts back when I was pregnant.  There is nothing better than the practical items that worked for other moms.  I'm sure it will change as Charlie gets older but there are some items that Charlie and I love.  It's fun for me as my friends whose children are months/years older than Charlie are constantly discovering the greatest gadgets that work for them and have recommended books and other items to us.    

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  1. I'm loving your blogs. I feel like I'm seeing my "cutie" every day. Loved the tie idea!