Thursday, June 30, 2011

A (current) Weekday in the Life of Mommy Stephanie

So, I'm not sure that this is an interesting post but I want this for a nice memory of these baby days and what maternity leave was like for me as it will all too soon be over and I'll be back to work.  Quite honestly, I barely remember what it was like when I was on the work schedule and since it will be drastically different when I go back as I will have to get Charlie ready and to daycare, it probably is better off that I don't remember.  :-) 

I definitely had some unrealistic expectations for my maternity leave.  I had thought of a lot of 'projects' for the summer that are just not going to happen.  But that's okay.  It's more important that I enjoy these days spending time with Mr. Charlie because as many people remind me, you don't get the time back.  These days, Charlie and I are starting to settle into a groove and will probably be fully transitioned about the time for maternity leave to end and we'll have a whole new transition to make. Although, I don't know that there is a 'typical' day because Charlie always seems to do it a little different just to keep me on my toes.  :-)

Charlie and I normally start a brand new day right around midnight where he wakes up to eat.  Most of the time, that feeding is pretty quick (30 minutes, give or take).  Charlie is pretty easy to get back to sleep and I normally fall right back to sleep too. 

Around 3-5, Charlie wakes up again.  If there is going to be a difficult night time feeding, this would be the one.  Charlie doesn't always want to go straight back to sleep so I rock him for a while.  Then, sometimes, I struggle to sleep right afterwards. 

**A recent update to this is that Charlie is starting to have a 5-6 hour stretch so this schedule is changing.  This is a welcomed change and I'm excited to get a longer stretch!!!  His stretch is normally from 7pm-12 or 1 am so if I fully want to utilize this time for me to sleep, I have to be in bed by 9.  We tried holding him out a little but it doesn't seem to work and since this is a step in the right direction, we'll continue to work with his schedule as the goal is to go all the way through the night.

Anywhere from 5:30-7 (depending on the last feed), Charlie is ready to get up.  Matt typically gets up with him and holds him until it is time to eat and then brings him in to our bedroom to me so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep.

Charlie is a morning person like his mommy and is typically the happiest in the morning.  After waking up, he takes his Zantac and then is ready to eat.  After eating, I spend a lot of time talking to Charlie and hanging out in our bed with him.

Sometimes, I sing fun children's songs to him.  We play a little and at some point I get ready while Charlie is in his bouncy seat, rock and play, or crib depending on the day.  He typically will nap at some point during this time.

I then try to pick up a little upstairs and make the bed and sometimes start laundry.  Charlie sometimes spends some time watching his mobile or whatever else if I need extra time.  After I finish doing all this and getting ready, I change Charlie for the day.  He is a pretty good sport about letting me place dress up with him.
We try to be ready by 10.  Obviously, we take our time.  About this time, Charlie is ready to eat.  He eats every 3 hours during the days.  We sometimes go run errands or we watch tv.  I like to watch Regis and Kelly, The View, and The Today show with Kathy and Hoda.  Matt can't believe I like those shows.

Around noon, we are typically home so we can eat lunch with Matt.  However, I take my friends up on lunch dates. On Mondays, I sometimes meet my friend Christie and her girls Olivia and Madeline.  On Fridays, we meet Ali and Wyatt.  And there have been other days where we meet Grammie and other friends who have days off or can take a break from work for lunch. 

The afternoons, we try to be home.  Charlie takes naps and I try to spend my time picking up the house, doing laundry, etc.  If Charlie isn't wanting to go down for a nap, he and I go out for an errand and normally the car does the trick and Charlie ends up asleep while we are out and about.

**Wednesdays, Charlie's Grammie comes over.  I am extremely fortunate to have such wonderful support from Matt's family and my family.  By having Grammie over, I get to do stuff like grocery shopping, bathing Wally, cleaning, laundry, etc.

After 4, I start cooking dinner. 

If Charlie is not awake, he helps me by supervising.  I just started cooking this week and so far, it's working out nicely.  As a side note, Matt tells me every night how good dinner is and it really means the world to me that he is so sweet to do that because it is a lot more effort to cook these days.)

Matt gets home around 5:15 or 5:30.  We typically eat shortly thereafter.  We eat a lot earlier these days which I know will change when I go back to work.  After dinner, we spend time with Charlie.  I love our family time. 

Charlie starts bedtime around 7.  By this time, he is tired.  He takes his Zantac and eats.  We then bathe him if needed.  He then gets swaddled, rocked, listens to Rockabye Baby and goes to sleep.

I spend my evenings either watching TV with Matt, doing a few chores, blogging, and I'm off to bed.  I'm in bed anywhere from 9-11 so that I can be ready for the day to start again.

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