Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlie

Charlie, Today is your day and it's all about you.  I can't believe you are ONE! 
That's right, are one!!!

I will write more for your one year/12 month post.  As for today, it started this morning for you at 7am.  Daddy, Wally and I woke you up.  Daddy and I sang Happy Birthday to you.  We got you all ready for school in of course the appropriate Birthday Boy attire but you weren't cooperating for pictures. 

You were off to school for fun and lots of attention.  When Mommy left you this morning, you were busy fighting with your friend, Matthew over the push toy.  I think you stole it from him but I didn't say anything since I figured I would let you get away with it since it was your birthday and all.  And, I figured I would let Miss Belinda referee. 

You ate a great breakfast and lunch.  You had pancakes and, of course, yogurt for breakfast.  You had lasagna, spinach, oranges, and bread for lunch.  Your teachers told me that you ate well today so I think you enjoyed your food.  You only took a 30 minute nap (your usual) in order to not miss out on anything. 

Mommy brought you cupcakes for snack. 
You were quite surprised and didn't know what to make of the singing by everyone and all the attention!

You ate with your buddies, Patrick and Chase. 
Poor Bubba and Ryan were left out but soon enough they will be eating with you guys.

You and Chase are best of buddies and your teachers tell me that you all do just about everything together.

You loved your cupcake!
You even tried to share with Mommy, but you managed to eat it all until and you were "All Done".

Tonight, your Daddy and I tried to make sure that you had your favorites...cheese, mac and cheese, tomatoes, peas, and of course your spinach and rutabaga squeeze pouch.  It's all about Charlie after all.

You also got a couple of gifts tonight.  You have to wait until Saturday when you have your big party for the rest of them.  Tonight, you got a shirt, book, and sand toys from your very sweet teacher, Miss Belinda, whom you love.  You cry when she leaves everyday. 

You also got a lawn mower from Mommy and Daddy. 

We squeezed in a walk with some playing outside. 

Buddy, I would say all in all, it's been a wonderful day with many more fun things planned for the next few days.  If only you had your own email and cell phone but don't worry, you've had a lot of people sending messages via Mommy and Daddy.  Happy Birthday Charlie!  We love you!!!

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