Monday, April 30, 2012


First with the random Charlie updates:

- Charlie got tubes last Thursday, April 19th.  All went well.  The worst part was probably that he was screaming so badly right afterwards.  They sent us out the back door and down a freight elevator.  Matt and I thought they did it so that way we didn't scare all the other children and parents in the waiting room.  My friend's baby got tubes this past week and went to the same place.  Her baby did not scream and cry so bad like Charlie did but they still sent them out the back door.  :-)  Charlie was fine once we got him home and got some food in him.  He was starving and had quite the appetite for the rest of the day!  My mom was here for the week which was already planned but she decided to stay since the surgery got scheduled and was a huge help to us.  Charlie got lots of loving form her and seemed to be 100% by that evening when I got home from work.  He seems to be doing great so far and we are hoping for an ear infection free month or two. 
- Charlie is loving to crawl all over us these days.  He loves to get right in our faces and give the slobberiest (not a word, but you get the point) kisses ever.  I don't mind them but even him being my boy, they are pretty gross.  These days, I've been letting him ride on my legs.  I figure it's a pretty good workout....all 24 pounds of him!

- Charlie is starting to try walking.  The problem is not motivation.  The boy lets go and flies to the floor. It's been pretty scary for me since the worst fall was under my watch.  He's only had a few bumps so far but he is really testing my reflexes, which aren't the best might I add. 
- Matt, Charlie and I went out to dinner on Friday night. I gave Charlie some diced fresh tomatoes. He loved them!   Afterall, he is my boy and I can eat my weight in tomatoes.  I'm pretty sure my Papaw was smiling down from heaven!  

- I love Charlie's giggles. I think they are so cute and he is giggling at about anything Matt and I do these days. We aren't really that funny (shocker, I know) but it's nice that our boy finds us hilarious. I know it won't always be this way. Anyways, last week, he was going crazy so I started recording it. I found myself watching it one night a couple nights almost every night so I figured I would share.

- I'm in full planning mode for a certain someones birthday. I haven't done very much and plan on keeping it simple but I'm very excited!! I can't wait to see all the family that comes to celebrate the occasion with us.

Other randomness:

- I never wrote about my Grandpa which I planned on doing. It's been almost 3 months since he passed so I plan on getting that done. Stay tuned! 

- I have some house projects that I have been planning in my mind. First, is outside. I wanted to work on our deck furniture. It's a little worn to say the least.  (I took this picture last night to show how badly worn out current cushions are.)
I have some new cushions on order, which I plan on taking better care of, and a few more pieces to put out there which will hopefully arrive before Charlie's birthday in a couple of weeks..  Matt and I worked hard on the yard this weekend. Matt stained the deck and mowed the lawn.  We both worked on planting and mulching.  With the rain and Charlie, well, being Charlie, we still managed to get  it all done.  Saturday night, we were exhausted and sadly today I am sore!  The yard looks wonderful though. I sure wish I had a before and after picture.   

I have some other projects such as painting a piece of furniture and redoing the upstairs bathroom (Charlie's bathroom).  Maybe sometime this summer.

- I realized that Wally has a back seat on the blog these days.  It's just not fair but such is life.  Charlie came along and Wally has handled it all wonderfully.  I think he still gets a lot of attention from us but it's definitely different for him.  I'll have to do his own blog post sometime soon!  He is such a sweet dog.

- We had such a wonderful weekend.  I enjoy my weekends so much these days.  Even though we did some yard work, we still got to go out to eat one night, go to the park, and even hang out with friends Sunday night.  We just don't see our friends often enough.  It seems like we are all so busy but every time we see one another, I'm reminded of what good friends we have. With that being said, it's my friend, Amy's birthday!  Happy 25th birthday Amy!  ;-)

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