Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 11 months Charlie from your Mommy


You are only a short month away from being one year old.  Where does time go?  This time last year, I felt like I was as big as a house and was ready for you to come any minute.  And my doctor kept thinking you were going to come early which wasn't helping things.  Here I was last year, ready to meet you.
Oh my, I don't miss that big belly!

Anyways, here you are now at 11 months old.

This month was busy.  You had another ear infection which you got on the antibiotic which meant you had to get these horrible shots...3 of them into your muscle in your leg!  Needless to say, you no longer smile at the doctors.  Really, that's not true.  You are a perfect baby at the doctors office and they all comment on how good you are.  Anyways, Good news/bad news is that the doctors have a solution but it involves you getting tubes in your ears.  Mommy and Daddy are thankful for the extra help from Grandpa, Grammie and even your Pops and Mim who stayed an extra day to help watch you.

You have started sleeping.  Thank you!  Well, you didn't really start it but Mommy and Daddy had to start some sleep training for you, sweet boy, which meant you had to cry a little.  It wasn't too bad and you didn't cry long.  The worst was that you would do well, get sick, then get back into a bad routine of waking up 2-3 times at night, and after you were well, we would have to start it back again.  So, on the weeks you were well, your Mommy and Daddy enjoyed at least 6 hours of sleep without waking.
You got to go to the park for first time and you loved the swings. 

You celebrated your first Easter with family.  Unfortunately, you weren't feeling too well so you had to stay home with your Aunt Meredith while the rest of us went to church.  I don't think you minded the extra attention from your Aunt.

You are more mobile this month.  You have started moving around and cruising from furniture to furniture and even letting go a little.  You can stand a few seconds without falling.  You love that dog door and I'm pretty sure you'll master getting out sooner than later, just hopefully you don't land on your noggin.
You are obsessed with the laptop, Ipad or remotes.
You absolutely love pushing your push toy and even the toys that aren't meant to be pushed, you move all around the house.  Oh, and you have started a few dance moves this month and they are so cute. 

You have 5 words:  Dadda, Momma, Hi, Bye, and Babba (bottle).  Youd don't say any of them all of the time.  Your favorite word is Dadda. 

You have 6 teeth now. You are eating some table food. You aren't quite eating everything we eat but working on it. It seems that some days, you are more into it than others and of course it depends a little on what you are offered.  Wally sticks around wherever you are but tries to watch for the flying sippy cup that is bound to hit him at some point when you are in the high chair.
Here you are having your first grilled cheese with some veggies. 
I think your favorite food this month has been goldfish.  Wally approves too.

You smile, laugh, and giggle so much these days.  Daddy and I are loving it.  You are so silly and are constantly making us laugh. 

You are very into pulling people's glasses off their faces.  Hopefully you will get my eyes and not your Daddy's and you can admire glasses from afar. 

While I'm looking forward to your big 1 year milestone, I'm realizing that my baby is growing up all too quickly.  I love you sweet sweet boy to the moon and back! 

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