Sunday, May 20, 2012

Charlie's Birthday Party Recap

I'm really going to let the pictures speak for themselves.  What a wonderful day!

Thank you to my Mom for all your help.  You always work so hard and as always, out did yourself. Also, to my Aunt Margaret who also worked hard all weekend.  When you put the 2 of them together, they can outdo any combo I've ever seen.  They were speed machines and had the kitchen cleaned up with very little help from me!  Also, thanks to Uncle Brian and Drew.  They all drove from Atlanta to come and be a part of this weekend.  What a treat for Charlie, Matt and I.  Brian and Drew were busy all weekend putting together toys for Charlie.  Thanks to Grammie for the very cute (and delicious) "1" cookies.  Thanks to both of our sisters for the help with decorations!

And for everyone else, thank you for making Charlie's birthday so special.  We love you!!

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