Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Christmas (Recap)

It seems to be the norm that I'm behind on my blog posts.  There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and here it is almost half-way into January 2012 and I need to back up to write up a little bit about our Christmas.  I took plenty of pictures to document Charlie's first Christmas.  Charlie had so many cool Christmas outfits and bibs for this holiday season and I'm hoping that I got a picture of him in all of them. 

Honestly, a lot of the month is a little bit of a blur and seemed more hectic than any past year.  So, without pictures, I will have fond memories this year of going to Bon Air Baptist Church's Christmas Choir Special to see Matt's mom and to hear the wonderful music as always.  We spent time with family and also enjoyed our friends.  We went to the Hamrick Holiday Potluck and did a very quick mini-Tacky Light Tour which got shortened due to Charlie falling asleep at the first house (oh year!).  Charlie didn't know what really was going on but he did love the Christmas tree and all the lights and glimmer and he sure is enjoying all his many gifts.  He enjoyed the paper on the packages even though he wasn't quite up for unwrapping a gift all on his own.
We celebrated with Matt's family early this year. We had such a wonderful day with a huge delicious breakfast.  Following breakfast, Matt and I realized that I forgot the most important thing for Charlie...his bottles!   Ugh!  I was pretty disgusted at myself and we realized it about 5 minutes before he was due for his next bottle SO Matt had to drive 40 minutes round trip to grab his bottles while we tried to keep Charlie happy and content!  Charlie actually did great and I felt pretty bad about the whole fiasco.  It feels like whenever we go anywhere, it takes me about an hour to pack up the house before we leave. 

Anyways, back to the wonderful day...Charlie so much enjoyed his time with his Aunt Courtney, Grandpa and Grammie. (so did Matt and I!)
Grandpa and Grammie read to Charlie.  This is a tradition in the Wheawill house to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible.  Of course, this year, instead of it being read to Matt and Courtney, Charlie got to hear it.
We enjoyed visiting and we were blessed with many gifts.  It was a wonderful day with family.
On the 22nd, we traveled to Grundy to stay and Pop's and Mim's house.  We took it easy while we were there.  Charlie did great with the traveling.  He likes (and we like) to travel at night because he sleeps. Mim had a rocking chair that her grandfather made which was perfect size for Charlie and he loved it since she carefully placed 'his' ornaments on the tree that he could grab and play closest to the chair.
Meredith and I decorated Christmas cookies which reminded me of old times. 
So, we just relaxed and enjoyed time with family as you can see from all the pictures.  (Sorry if it's picture overload.)
Mim is an excellent cook and always seems to fill our bellies full when we visit.  We enjoyed Christmas Eve services.  Unfortunately, no pictures of the whole family but here are some prior to leaving to go to Church.
Charlie spent more time checking out the nursery with Mim than in services. 

Christmas Day was such fun.  Matt and I brought Charlie in to see what Santa brought.  We were very surprised that Santa was crazy enough to bring us a cat since Wally doesn't get along too well with cats.  (Luckily, this cat is still around and has survived even though Wally does bark at her.)
We just spent a lot of time with the family and Charlie had a blast rolling around on the floor and practicing crawling while we were opening presents and he played with the gifts as I opened them for him.
We headed home on the 26th and enjoyed a visit with Matt's family.  Christmas came and went quickly.  The decorations are put away and it feels nice to have space.  Everything came down just in time because Charlie is officially on the move.  Oh, how different things will be next year.

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