Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lots of videos and a couple firsts for Charlie

Charlie started officially crawling with hands and knees (no more army crawling and rolling) on Thursday night, January 12th.  I'm not sure when/if he did it at daycare first; although I think it did happen based on his teacher's reaction when I was talking to her about it.  Now that he has is figured out, he's fast and on the move to get into all kinds of fun stuff.  I didn't get a video that night but as you can see from the video tonight, he's perfected the crawling. 

On other news, Charlie clapped for us tonight for the first time tonight.  He's pretty proud of his new talent and so are we!
And just because I have it on video, I'm including one of Charlie playing with one of his favorite toys for the moment, his fish tank.  It's especially cute when he takes his face and puts it close to look down inside the top of the tank.  :-)  (Please ignore my annoying voice trying to get him to clap.  It's obvious at that point, Charlie only had one thing on his mind and it was not clapping.)

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