Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 8 months Charlie from your Mommy


Time is flying because you are 8 months old already.  I'm not sure where to start but I guess the biggest highlight is your first Christmas which got its very own blog post.  What joy you brought to this family over the holidays! Your smile lights up any room and you showed off that smile to a lot of friends and family this month.
I think of significance during this month is when Mommy and Daddy got to see exactly how much you really love daycare. Youve never minded being dropped off and have seemed pretty content. Mommy and Daddy have received many good reports from your teachers. Besides throwing up on all of your teachers multiple times, you seem to be one of the best babies. You are very well tempered and dont require a lot of extra attention. You love to be put down and are content playing.  Your pretty agreeable to whatever is going on.  Your Daddy and I are so lucky that you have such wonderful teachers. You love all of them and they all love you very much. Here are some of the pictures of you enjoying yourself at daycare.
You arent crawling but are so close that it is going to happy any day. In fact, your Aunt Ali was really worried that it was going to happen when she watched you one afternoon and that your Mommy was going to be mad that she missed it.

You seem to do pretty good with foods. You seemed to have tried every fruit and vegetable out there. You are on Stage 2 foods mostly and eat cereal. Mommy just started yogurt and cottage cheese which you seem to like. We have tried some puffs. You have some real texture issues which these so far. You have no desire in picking up food and putting it in your mouth. You sometimes gag when your mommy tries to give these to you.

Your reflux has been a little better this month so we're hopeful that it will continue to improve.  You have had your share of crud.

Oh, buddy boy!  We love you so very much.  You sure do keep us busy and everyday you are more and more fun!!  You are into everything and love to be standing.  You can't quite pull yourself up but you sure are trying.  You are very proud of yourself when you stand up!
I love you lots my crazy busy boy!

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