Sunday, May 15, 2011

My birthing story

Well, I have to say that the day could not have gone any better and I only wish for every woman to have as good as an experience as I did.  It was pretty uneventful and painless.  We entered into the hospital around 8:30 and really didn't get good and started until 10 or so.  At the point when I came in, I think my body was ready which helped.  So, my doctor broke my water and started me on some Pitocin to help with getting my contractions more regular.  The contractions started out pretty weak but were strong by about noon.  At that point, I wasn't sure I was ready for an epidural but Matt said that he thought I was.  :-)  So, the anesthesiologist came quickly after we said the word.  I had been nervous about having one and it wasn't bad at all.  The anesthesiologist was so nice.  She told me that she left at 7 and wanted to meet this baby before she left so that she was sure it would happen before then.  (And she did come in see him before she left which impressed me because I really didn't expect her to be back.)  Anyways, she also told Matt to go eat lunch for me to sleep.  I didn't actually sleep but I did relax and rest while Matt grabben himself a bite down at the cafeteria.  Around 3, the nurse told me that I was ready to push.  However, I ended up having a reaction to epidural and my blood pressure started dropping fairly rapidly.  I started feeling lowsy and it got down to about 70/36 at one point which scared me half to death.  They nurses worked at trying to get it back up by pumping me full of fluids, stopping the Pitocin and the epidural, and even giving me some medication but it just wasn't coming up high enough.  So, the anesthesiologist came back.  She immediately gave me a larger dose of medication and within about 30 minutes, I was feeling much better.  At that point, the nurse told me I was ready to go which was about 4:30.  I pushed for about 2 hours and while it was exhausting, I wasn't in pain.  My doctor was in and out all day long and I loved having her around.  She is an excellent doctor.  I had wonderful nurses that took care of me.  Matt has coaching me along the whole time and was really wonderful throughout the whole process.  As soon as Charlie was born, I will never forget how wonderful it was to hear his cries.  He is such a sweet baby and I will never forget the moment that I first laid my eyes on him. 

Also, to watch Matt as he first saw his son was one of the more precious times in our relationship. 

I don't know how we made such a beautiful baby. 

I told Matt that I have always said that babies are cute but that I am 100% positive, I will never see anything cuter that our baby.  :-)  Does that not sound like a proud mother?

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  1. Yay! Sounds like you had a relatively easy day. We all feel that way about our babies. It is okay to be a proud mother!