Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 2 Weeks

Charlie, I think you are losing your newborn look.  You are still so cute though so don't worry about that.  We love to just hold you and look at you close up.

Your Mim and Aunt Meredith left on Friday which meant that yesterday and today, your mommy has been on her own to take care of you.  This also meant that you had to be put down a little more so mommy could have some hands to get things done like eating, showering, etc. 

You and Mommy are still learning what it's like to be on our own.  We definitely look forward to Daddy getting home everyday.

You had a few firsts this week.  You lost your umbilical cord on Thursday.  Your mommy and daddy were happy to see it go because that means one less step when doing diaper changes.  It also meant that you could get a bath instead of the sponge baths.  You weren't a fan!  Hopefully that will change as you get older.  Since you were screaming, there really wasn't an opportunity for picture time.  After the bath, you were alert and a happy baby.

We took you on your first walk.  Your brother, Wally did great and was very happy to go on a walk.  You slept through the walk.

Your mommy also took you out by herself on your own.  You went with her to Babies R Us and you cried in the store.  I don't blame you though.  That store overwhelms your mommy as well.  We will plan to try it again sometime soon (but to somewhere different).

You've had some visitors this week and I'm sorry that I didn't get pictures with everyone. 

You are very precious.

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