Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mark and Ali's Shower

I'm very late in updating and have been meaning to post pictures.   I really don't have an excuse other than being lazy at updating the blog.  I tried to get on here to post pictures the other night but it seems that they have updated the site and I'm a little slower at getting the pics to the blog.  Tonight, I think I may have finally mastered it.  Here are some pictures of the Mark and Ali's shower that were over a month ago.  I promised to post them so better late than never.   

We had a fabulous time.  I owe a big thank you to my wonderful in-laws who came over and helped me prepare the night before.  I was very busy the day of the shower.  The day didn't start off so good with Tech losing to JMU (I have no more comments to add other than the fact that VT did lose.).  Anyways, we (i.e. Matt and I) recovered before the shower and it turned out great. 
The decorations and food:

Wyatt's fans:


Fun stuff for Wyatt:

As a thank you, Mark and Ali were so sweet to take us to Maggiano's.  They certainly didn't need to do that but I will say that it was delicious and I ate way too much.  I'm so glad that the two of them are such close friends of ours.  I couldn't be happier for them during this very fun and exciting time in their lives.  Hurry up, Wyatt!!  I want to meet you.

Just a quick update on Wyatt:  He is due to grace us with his presence on Thursday, October 7.  I am happy to be an honorary aunt.  I talk about him so much already.  I already have a call list for once he arrives as my mom and sister need their updates.  I have some of the girls at my work asking about Wyatt and Ali, even though they don't know Ali!  :-)  Ali did have a brief visit in L&D today because her blood pressure was a little high, but luckily her blood pressure went back down and she got to go home.  So, I will certainly update the blog once Wyatt arrives but I'm proud that Ali is going to try blogging in her free time (There is all kinds of free time after you have a baby, right?).  Anyways, you may find little updates here.

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