Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Wyatt

He's adorable and so sweet.  I didn't get too many pictures.  Mark has done good about taking a lot of pictures and my flash was a little bright.  Plus, I was too busy holding him to take pictures!   (BTW, my face is red because I got a little sunburn from the game on Saturday.) The family got to come home today so Matt and I took dinner to them tonight and Mark and Ali, as well as Wyatt, seem to be doing well.  Their animals seem to be okay with a baby in the house.  Oddly, we all were wondering about the dog, but the cat was more freaked out at first than the dog.  We got to see Ali's mom, Momma Toni, as Wyatt will know her, and very much enjoyed our visit.  Mark and Ali look like naturals when it comes to this parenting thing.

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  1. Hey lil XDA sis! I just discovered you had a blog. I have one too but haven't found much time to blog, or when I do have time my writing juices aren't flowing. Anyway, it's so exciting that Ali had a baby! I am glad you guys live so close to each other to be able to experience things together. Hope you are doing well!