Monday, August 30, 2010

Shower #2 for Ali

This weekend I went to another baby shower for Mark and Ali.  This was a local Richmond one thrown by Mark's mom's friends.  I liked the theme and they definitely had such cute decorations.  So, since I actually brought my camera as I tried to document all of it for Ali, I will post all the pictures.

Decorations and Food:

The only pictures I got after the decorations:

I took some pictures for Marks mom on her camera and I also got to write down all the wonderful gifts that she received. The ladies at this shower were so sweet and the food was awesome! Wyatt already has a lot of people that love him very much.

Another one of Ali's friends from college and I are throwing a shower in a couple of weeks.  I will post pictures from that shower as well.  Wyatt is going to definitely be well dressed.  I've enjoyed seeing all the fun gifts that Ali has received.  I feel somewhat that I may have tested Ali's patience over the years.  Don't laugh!  I was just preparing her for motherhood.  With that being said, Ali is going to be the best mother and I will definitely do my part to be a very great honorary Aunt.  :-)

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