Thursday, August 12, 2010

Catching Up....

is my least favorite thing to do!  I manage to continually get behind on my blog posts and then am reminded that people are actually reading my nonsense.  I started this as a way for me to document what's going on in our life (some of the major and minor events of The Wheawill family) with the added benefit to capture my thoughts along with the pictures we take.  However, I am horrible at taking pictures!  :-)  Then, I get behind and it just takes me while to catch up.  Sometimes I think, I'll just stop updating, but I do enjoy going back and reading what was going on months ago and reminiscing over the holidays and it's a great way for my family (some of whom live way too far away to see on a regular basis) to see what's going on with Matt and I.  With that being said, Matt and I have been busy for the last couple of months.

So, what have we been up to?  Here's the month of July, that flew by::

  • We had a very nice cook-out at our house with friends for the 4th of July.  I didn't get any pictures but it was a good time.  I always enjoy having people over and relaxing with great friends.  Plus, having cook-outs with my friends is great because my friends are some of the best cooks!  We definitely ate plenty of good food. 

  • I went to Grundy to see my parents and sister for the weekend.  Also, I went to a shower for my best friend, Ali, that was thrown by some of the ladies of the church that Ali and I both attended growing up.  My mom was on of the hostesses so my sister and I helped her with some of the setting up.

I thought the decorations were cute.

My sister and were put in charge of setting up the hostess gift (pack-and-play) .  I was pretty proud of Meredith and I.  It doesn't look that hard to set it up but, looks are deceiving.

Taking it down isn't that much easier.  How many college graduates does it take?

Ali's sister, Jessie, made a cute diaper cake.

Ali is the cutest pregnant lady and is very excited about the arrival of her son.   Here she is with proud 2 proud Grandmothers.

And here she is with her proud grandmother, Mimi, and Baby Hamrick's proud great-grandmother.

Oh, and my present to Baby Hamrick....
Can you guess what I got the future Hokie?
I was very excited about shopping the cute VT baby outfits and was happy with what I ended up buying for Baby Hamrick.

Ali looked very cute at her shower and had a good time.

She was showered with so many nice gifts.  This baby is going to be well dressed.

Matt and I had a nice weekend in Grundy.  It's always good to get home to the Grundy and we hadn't been there since Feb. so it was definitely time to pay a visit.

  • We celebrated Matt's mom's birthday in July.  I made a lemonade pie and used the recipe from the Southern Living magazine.  We had fun celebrating her birthday and I hope that you had a great day, Debbie!

  • Our final weekend in July was a big fun-filled weekend celebrating Debbie's retirement and since I think I actually have pictures, I'll do a separate post. 

So, now it's middle of August and our weekends continue to be filled with fun.  I used to work some weekends but that is now a vague memory from the past.  Since I took this new job this winter, I must admit, that I have adjusted quickly to filling my weekends with a bunch of fun things.  I do not miss working at all during the weekends and was happy to give up any days that I had off during the week to getting weekends off.  :-)

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