Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a silly post, but here it goes.  I think this post is a little about my favorite food and a lot about reminiscing fondly about my childhood and my grandparents. 

I found some pictures on my camera from sometime this summer.  Apparently, I was real proud of our dinner!  :-)

I like anything tomato and, in fact, eat a lot of them.  I eat tomatoes like apples during the summer and always have.  I'm known throughout the family for my love of tomatoes.  Growing up, all of my grandparents had gardens and I think I definitely got my share from all the gardens.  Most parents complain about not getting their children to eat their vegetables.  Fortunately, my Mom and Dad never had that problem with my sister and I.  Now, getting us to eat our meat or protein was a whole other story! 

For several years, my Papaw had 2 gardens (one at his house and another one that he shared with other people).  It was pretty crazy because he ended up giving away a lot of the vegetables when we couldn't keep up, but I, along with Dad, Mom, and Meredith, definitely benefited.  Anyways, Papaw carried a salt shaker in his truck so when he and I traveled to the other garden (Of course, I was his number one helper and sidekick.), we would have our salt shaker ready to go and sit down and eat us some tomatoes.  I also reaped the benefits of my other sets of grandparent's gardens when I stayed with them during the summers.  Now that I don't get to visit during the summers, Grandpa Bill and Nanny have tomatoes cut-up for Christmas dinner just for me!  My sweet Grandma that I miss dearly gave me tomatoes that she canned as part of my birthday present every year.  It's not the same, but they are great for some macaroni and tomatoes (Another one of my favorites that Matt has now become accustomed to as well even though he doesn't share the same love as I do.).  One summer, I traveled to Paris with my Grandpa and Grandma.  I found the best macaroni and tomatoes.  It's ridiculous to even type it but I'm talking true Italian.  I will never live it down with my Grandpa but it's true.  Speaking of Grandpa, he says that a fried green tomato is a waste of a good tomato but I disagree.  Not the healthiest way to eat a tomato, but most definitely, not a waste.  While I was at his house this summer, we joked to steal one of his green tomatoes from the garden, but we are way too smart to actually do that!  :-)   I introduced Matt to fried green tomatoes shortly after we met and every summer, I get excited over having them. 

They are delicious!  I'm still able to get the good summer tomatoes but know it won't be long until I will have to say goodbye until next year.  Until then, most evenings, I will continue to cut up a tomato to eat with supper or have my tomato with lunch, or maybe both!

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