Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend (a random update)

We decided to stay home this weekend.  There's lots to do and I am perfectly happy to be home getting some chores and a lot of relaxing accomplished.  It's been a fantastic weekend weather wise...80's and no humidity! 

Yesterday, we did a few chores and went over to the Hutcherson's new home for a little housewarming.  Their new house is beautiful.  I love the street that they live on.  They live in an older house that has been renovated.  I like how it still has the traditional feel with all the updates.  There were some yummy snacks so we had a nice time visiting and spent most of our time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and I enjoyed the porch swing! 

As a side note, I found a mum while we were out to take them.  I'm only posting this because I got a little crafty and was proud of the results.  Plus, it was super easy.  I got my idea from 320 Sycamore, which posted the picture taken from somewhere else.  Here's my motivation:

All I did was take a paper bag apart, then cut it into a square (didn't measure it but just kind of judged from the size of the pot), turned it with any writing facing inside, folded all the corner into the pot, then folded the sided to make the seams.  Finally, I added a wire ribbon to hold it in place.  (I actually went with brown like the picture but I think a ribbon with VT colors would have been wonderful as I was taking it to Hokies.)

Today, I will be busy planning Hamrick shower #3 or the BaBy Q.  The menu is pretty well planned but there is a little shopping to do as I am trying to get anything that I can in advance.

It's next Saturday at our house so this week will be a busy one for me as I prepare.

I have been keeping myself busy these days with projects.  I am so ready for Fall.  I've been doing a lot of window shopping and am loving all the Fall fashions.  Stay tuned for some of my favorites.

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year (VT football, the cooler, crisp, less humidity weather, all those fall colors, apple cider...need I say more??)   I bought a few a lot of fall decorations. 

If I had to give my kitchen a theme, I would say Hokie.  So, while out shopping for fall items, my sister-in-law, Courtney, pointed out this Turkey wreath. 

I really liked it but feel that I have enough Fall wreaths.  Anyways, not being able to resist the VTness of it, I had to buy it.  So, I made it into a little craft project.

What do you think?  I took the wreath part off and then was down the metal part.  Then, I bought some foam board and painted chalkboard paint on it.  Then, I just stuck it the metal and glued it in.  Perfect addition to the kitchen.

Speaking of crafty projects, here's one that kept me busy this weekend.  This one has to do with little baby Hamrick so it's a surprise.  Here's a sneak peak...

My last random update involves a new addition to the Wheawill home.  No baby...don't get excited.  :-)

Richmond had some awful summer storms back the first week of August.  One evening, I ended up driving home in one of those storms.  Matt called me to tell me that it was pretty bad but, at that point, I was already driving in the rain, thunder, lightening, and wind.  Anyways, I took my time getting home, with several trees down along the way, and found that once I was home, there wasn't any electricity.  Matt said it was pretty loud...maybe a transformer blew up.  We ended up having to grab dinner out because peanut butter and jelly wasn't exciting enough and also because we didn't have anything else to do.  We got home and read our books with a flashlight and then we tried watching a movie on the laptop.  In the meantime, I fell asleep.  So, why the long story?  I'm giving you play by play.  Well, the power came on after I was in bed.  Just in time for Matt to go around and turn off the lights that we apparently tried to turn on during the whole no electricity deal.  (It's so hard to remember to not flip the switch.  Just habit.)  SO, here's the real kicker.   The next day, we realize this storm got our big, gigantic, ginormous TV.  Yes, we had it plugged into a surge protector but it just didn't protect.  We have had a repair man come and do his thing (which took like 2-3 weeks for him to diagnose) to find out, that it did a real number and is going to be too expensive to fix. 

 Needless to say, this did not make either of us happy.  I'm not going to complain too much though.  I would say we are probably lucky that we only lost our TV and not any of our other appliances in the house. 

Anyways, I'm proud to say that, as much as we both love our TV, we can live with just one TV without it being too big of a deal.  We get to turn this in to our homeowners insurance and after going 4 weeks and 5 days, the new TV arrived.  We are getting into football season so not having a TV in the family room is not an option. 

Matt and I are getting ready for the first VT game.  We are definitely excited.  We debated on going to the game but decided that we will stay home for this one so will definitely break the new TV in on Monday night.  The menu is planned and I am making a tailgate feast.  Less than a week to see the Hokies!  LETS GO....HOKIES!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the long weekend and for my pharmacy friend or others of you who have to work, I remember those days.  And while I feel for you, I don't miss them so I probably wouldn't trade!  :-)

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